8 Easy Hikes in Calgary Alberta

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My hometown has beautiful hiking trails and bike paths all around the city. Anyone who knows me knows I love to hike. Even when I’m in staying in a city I will seek out the urban hikes and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

It’s a necessity for me. I need to spend time with nature.

Fortunately, Calgary is a city with abundant outdoor fun every season of the year. I love that my hometown has great hiking and biking pathways all around the city.

In this post I’m sharing eight of my fave hiking trails in Calgary Alberta.

If you are looking for hikes in the mountains, then I recommend reading 5 Beautiful Hikes in Kananaskis or 5 Best Hikes in Banff.

If you want a weekend away I love Jasper National Park the best, less crowded than Banff and you get to drive the amazing Icefields Parkway to get to Jasper.

Okay now let’s have a look at these 8 great hikes in Calgary. Scroll down to the bottom for a map with all the hiking spots.

Best Calgary Hikes

Nose Hill Park

Free Parking

The fourth largest urban park in Canada and Calgary’s largest municipal park, Nose Hill is in Northwest Calgary and it’s one of the best places to go hiking in Calgary.

I used to bring my German Shepherd to Nose Hill Park. She especially loved wintertime hikes and chasing snowballs. In summer she would carry rocks back to the house and find the perfect place to hide the rocks in a corner or under a chair. Is your dog a rock collector too?

There is an off leash area at Nose Hill Park so you can bring your dogs and let them run freely.

Nose Hill Park is huge so there are lots of pretty hikes to choose from and explore the park, especially in spring and summertime you will find bunches of wildflowers at Nose Hill.

Calgary hiking map Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park hiking trail through the trees

Prince’s Island

Free parking after 6 pm, all day Sundays and holidays

When I lived in downtown Calgary, I would walk to Prince’s Island almost every week. Prince’s Island and nearby St Patrick’s Island are the gems of downtown Calgary.

Parks with water always get my attention.

Set alongside the Bow River, with large trees, and lots of geese and ducks, you feel the relaxing vibe of nature at Prince’s Island Park.

Prince’s Island is the most popular of Calgary hikes.

Canada Alberta Calgary downtown skyline and geese

So you’ll have to share this relaxing vibe with dozens (hundreds?) of other people enjoying the trails at Prince’s Island. And a a gaggle of geese.

Enjoy some people watching while you are walking.  Or put on your earbuds and listen to your fave tunes while you enjoy your urban hike in Cagary.

Did I mention there is an ice-cream kiosk at Prince’s Island Park?

Enjoy :)Fountain and geese at Prince's Island Park downtown Calgary

Kayaking Bow River Calgary Alberta with wildflowers alongside the water

Peace Bridge Calgary Bow River

Peace Bridge connects pedestrians north and south of the Bow River

North/South Glenmore Park

Free Parking at several lots in the park

North Glenmore Park is in Southwest Calgary but it’s on the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir, hence the name. And you guessed it, South Glenmore Park is on the south side of Glenmore Reservoir.

I visit North Glenmore Park often and hike around the reservoir. Most of the pathways at the park are paved but there are some dirt trails too.

Springtime at Weaselhead Flats Calgary

Weaselhead Flats Calgary

I prefer the natural dirt trails. Head over to the Weaselhead Flats trail to the west of Glenmore park for cool views and birdwatching.

Watch out for cyclists at North Glenmore Park, and little kids, and older folks.

Besides hiking you can also go kayaking or canoeing at Glenmore Park. Visit the Glenmore Rowing Club to rent a boat and get on the water.

My sister and I saw a bald eagle when we went kayaking at Glenmore one summer.

In wintertime, Glenmore Park is especially pretty after a good snowfall. Some people go snowshowing or cross-country skiing in the park when there is enough snow.

Clouds Reflection in water at North Glenmore Park

Snow covered evergreen trees North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park in wintertime

Carburn Park

Free Parking

I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know about Carburn Park until a few years ago. Carburn is in the Riverbend community in Southeast Calgary.

I signed up for a beginner’s kayaking class with UC Outdoor Centre (you should check it out) and our original location of Glenmore Reservoir was closed due to high water levels. We went to Carburn Park instead, and wow!

What a beautiful park with incredible hiking trails along the Bow River and in the woods. You are almost guaranteed to see deer if you hike at dusk. Also ducks, geese, and other birds make their home in Carburn Park.

Carburn Park Calgary hikes by the water

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Free Parking/Free Admittance

Another of the best hikes in Calgary is at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. It’s free to visit the park and visitor center.

The well-marked hiking trails at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary are an excellent place to explore nature, birdwatch, and hike by the water.

You can also take a tour of the historic Colonel Walker House on the grounds at Inglewood park.

I often see deer at Inglewood Sanctuary. And of course, lots of birds. Bring your binoculars so you can do some birding.

Inglewood bird sanctuary hiking path

Colonel Walker House Inglewood Calgary

Take a tour of Colonel Walker House Inglewood Calgary

Edworthy Park

Free Parking

You can park at North Edworthy Park on the north side of the Bow River, or South Edworthy Park on the south side of the Bow.

Edworthy is a beautiful place to hike in Calgary any season of the year. Walking alongside the Bow River is relaxing for the mind.

Hungry after hiking? Angel’s Café near the north parking lot is a great place to grab lunch and refreshments before or after your hike.

There are a bunch of picnic spots near the south parking lot at Edworthy if you want to do a picnic lunch or dinner at the park. Or bring a blanket and picnic anywhere you like at Edworthy Park with beautiful views of the Bow River.

Goslings Calgary Alberta Canada

Baker Park

Free Parking

Another beautiful park along the Bow River in Northwest Calgary is Baker Park. Located along the north side of the Bow River, Baker Park is across the river from Bowness Park.

Fancy some disc golf? You can do that at Baker Park.

There is also an amphitheater at Baker Park for music and theatrical events during summer months.

Did you know Baker Park location used to be the Baker Centre Tuberculosis Institution?

The park is named for Dr. Albert Henry Baker, director of the tuberculosis sanitorium for 30 years, from 1920 – 1950.

Baker Park Bow River Calgary

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Free Parking

Did you know you can find the second largest urban park in Canada in Calgary?

Fish Creek Provincial Park is in Southeast Calgary and it’s an excellent place for hiking and cycling in Calgary.

Fish Creek is another great spot for birding in Calgary. And you’ll probably see some deer if you go hiking early in the morning or near sunset.

Sikome Lake Fish Creek Provincial Park

Calgary Alberta Map of Hiking Trails

Check out the map of Calgary hikes to find your new fave trail.

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Best Calgary Hiking Trails

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