Susan Moore and view from atop Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Susan Moore and the view from Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hola! My name is Susan Moore and my love of travel inspired me to become a digital nomad. Now I enjoy traveling while still earning a living as a bookkeeper. I run my business on the road! Read more about the nomad lifestyle here.

There was a time when I was afraid to travel at all, never mind travel alone. I got over that little bump in the road.

My first solo trip was in 1993 when I spent 7 months traveling Southeast Asia in the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Having lived in Canada all my life I was in awe of this new world.  All of my senses were treated to new and exotic experiences.

It was life changing and extraordinary in so many ways. I returned home only because the money was running out and all I could think of was how much I wanted to travel again, to see more of the world. I discovered that I preferred to collect experiences rather than possessions.

I loved the fact that I could stuff all my things into one bag carried on my back. It was an amazing feeling of freedom. I’ve been a bit of a minimalist every since.


Terraced Rice Fields Bali, Indonesia

Terraced Rice Fields in Bali, Indonesia – scanned photo from my first solo trip in 1993


I lived in Austin Texas from May 1999 to September 2015, but I am originally from Calgary Alberta. I have also worked in Siberia and Nigeria, two places that not many people have the chance to visit.

Applying for the job working in Russia was something I never would have done had I not been traveling around Southeast Asia on my own for several months prior. Travel builds confidence – the idea of working in Russia sounded exciting, although I had no idea that I would be working in Siberia rather than someplace just a little more cosmopolitan. St Petersburg or Moscow were the cities I had envisioned when I saw the ad in the newspaper.

In Austin I daytraded for a living for six years. Afterwards I started my bookkeeping & QuickBooks training business. Being an entrepreneur  offered me a lot of flexibility and I made a conscious decision to travel more often. With all the technological advances in communication and computing I am now able to keep in touch with my clients and work while traveling.

On September 30th 2015 I packed up Yar-Yar (my 2009 Toyota Yaris) and began a new chapter in my life. After exploring the possibility of living a nomadic life I decided to take a chance and try it out. I am calling this my lifestyle experiment.

When I started dreaming about being a nomad I thought I would leave the USA to travel around South America but I changed my mind. I decided to keep my car and take a long term road trip around the USA and Canada for at least a year. Maybe two years. Maybe ten years. I have no idea where this new path will lead me. I am certainly enjoying the journey so far!


Susan Moore in Medellin, Colombia at the Museum of Antioquia

Susan Moore in Medellin, Colombia at the Museum of Antioquia


I plan to see much more of the world.  Australia and Antarctica are the remaining continents I haven’t yet visited and I must not neglect them too much longer.

I’m looking forward to future adventures around the globe and sharing the photos and stories with you!


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Wishing everyone safe and happy travel!