Graffiti Wall Austin Texas – Hope Outdoor Gallery

I love taking photos of graffiti and public art while I am traveling and here at home. The graffiti wall in Austin Texas has been around for several years but I only just stumbled upon it last year.


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - concrete canvas at the Castle Hill graffiti park - Baylor and 11 Street in central Austin TX

Graffiti park at Castle Hill – Austin Texas – Baylor and 11 Street


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - Castle Hill - Baylor and 11 Street in central Austin - ever changing graffiti art

Panoramic view of the graffiti park in central Austin Texas


Hope Outdoor Gallery is located at Baylor and 11th Street in central Austin. The location is a former construction site with several sections of the concrete foundation that provide the canvas for the graffiti artists.


Graffiti Park Austin Texas - Baylor and 11th Street in central ATX - ever changing outdoor gallery

Austin Texas graffiti park – Hope Outdoor Gallery – Baylor and 11th Street


The location is also known as Castle Hill – in the photo below you can see a portion of the castle – formerly the Texas Military Institute and now home to Castle Hill Partners – the private owners of the space known as the graffiti wall or Hope Outdoor Gallery.


Graffiti wall Austin Texas has become a tourist attraction in central Austin - ever changing graffiti art at the park named Hope Outdoor Gallery

Graffiti wall Austin Texas – concrete foundations provide the canvas


Castle Hill Partners agreed in 2011 to allow the Outdoor Gallery Project to paint artwork on the walls. The work was later tagged and painted over by local graffiti artists and piles of trash collected on the site. It was at risk of being closed to the public and no trespassing signs were posted for a time. The signs are gone now and the site has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in Austin.


Graffiti wall in Austin TX - Baylor and 11th Street - Hope Outdoor Gallery

Hope Outdoor Gallery – longhorn graffiti art in central Austin


Artists can sign up to paint – there was an information booth at the site when I visited the park in January this year.


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - sign up information for graffiti artisits

Graffiti wall sign up information for artists


There are several sponsors of the Hope Outdoor Gallery including Austin Resource Recovery which aims to “turn waste into resources while keeping our community clean”. I did notice several trash and recycling containers at the site.


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - Castle Hill graffiti gallery known as Hope Outdoor Gallery

Austin Texas graffiti wall – trash and recycle bins



Graffiti wall Austin Texas - Penguins wearing sunglasses enjoying some sun at the Castle Hill graffiti park known as Hope Outdoor Gallery

Graffiti art features the sun and penguins wearing sunglasses



Graffiti wall Austin Texas - located at Baylor and 11 Street in downtown Austin

Graffiti art at Hope Outdoor Gallery in central Austin TX


Graffiti park Austin Texas - Hope Outdoor Gallery at Castle Hill in downtown Austin - Baylor and 11 Street

Graffiti skull painting at Hope Outdoor Gallery – Austin Texas



Graffiti wall Austin Texas - ever changing art on the concrete canvas - Castle Hill - Baylor and 11 Street in downtown Austin

Austin TX graffiti wall – painter with roller


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - just reminding you that "you are loved"

Austin Texas graffiti – you are loved


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - new work in progress

Austin TX graffiti wall – new work in progress


Graffiti wall Austin Texas - Susan Moore in front of graffiti mural

Susan at the Hope Outdoor Gallery – graffiti park in Austin Texas


I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Hope Outdoor Gallery graffiti park in Austin Texas.

Practical Information:

Address: 1101 Baylor Street (nearest corner: 11th St), downtown Austin
Hours: daily 7AM – 9PM
Admission Cost: FREE
How to Get There: Bus #4 or #338

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  1. Patti Morrow says:

    I had no idea Austin was such a hub of graffiti — some very well-done artistry and so colorful! Love it!

  2. Austin is so quirky and this is a great feature. I will definitely look for Austin graffiti on my next visit.

  3. Street art is a particular interest of ours – we have a number of galleries on our blog covering street art in several of the South American cities we have visited recently. In 2006 we visited Austin but didn’t find this particular gem – thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. I particularly liked the one with you in your colourful dress… it was well matched!

    • Susan Moore says:

      Thanks Yasha! I think my dress blended with the mural quite nicely. I will check out your blog for graffiti galleries – South America has some amazing graffiti.

  4. Kristin says:

    Your post is just in time for SXSW, too! I’ve attended an art weekend event in Austin, but missed this public space. Next time….

    • Susan Moore says:

      Yes the craziness of SXSW begins soon! I was thinking of skipping it this year because it has become such a huge event and it has lost its charm, for me anyway. I think I will explore the East Austin offerings this year – and I know there is some cool graffiti there too!

  5. There’s a really cool ‘mural museum’ in Valparaiso, Chile, that I saw a few years ago, that reminds me a little of this. Very cool.

  6. Love, love, love this street art.Great job

  7. This is really an awesome sight in terms of scale and creativity! Although, I’m not so sure about the regulatory permission aspects, which kinda negate what I view as the soul of graffiti: its popup, spontaneously illegal nature. Still a very cool attraction!

    • Susan Moore says:

      There is still plenty of non-approved graffiti at the park as it is an open space but it was meant to be a place for inspirational and positive art work so they wanted to have some degree of control over it. Good luck with that – as you said it ‘negates the soul of graffiti’.

  8. Shelley says:

    Great photos of street art in Austin. I really enjoy good street art, and even the simple “you are loved” might just be what someone needs to see.

  9. This looks like such a wonderful project. Thanks for capturing and sharing it with your beautiful photography!

    I’m crazy about graffiti, too!

  10. Anne says:

    What fun! On my list for our next visit to Austin.

  11. budget jan says:

    What a colorful fun place. I found your blog via Noel’s Travel Photo Discovery link-up. Loved your about page. :)

    • Susan Moore says:

      Hi there budget jan – thanks for stopping by!
      That reminds me, I have been meaning to add some more info on my ‘about me’ page – glad you enjoyed it!

  12. I’ve heard many cool things about Austin but this Hope Outdoor Gallery graffiti park sounds extra special. I love those penguins in sunglasses!

  13. I did enjoy this virtual tour of Hope Outdoor Gallery graffiti park in Austin Texas. I plan to visit it next time I’m in town.

  14. We love street art and (most) grafitti and after all of our years living in Texas this is the first time we’ve heard about the Hope Outdoor Gallery. Luckily we know we’ll be in the area in a few months to visit family so this will be one of our “must see” places to go!

    • Susan Moore says:

      I hope you enjoy it Anita! It is a cool site and you never know what you are going to see on those walls – a visual feast awaits you. Have fun in Austin!

  15. Austin surely seems like a hip place to visit these days although I hadn’t heard of the Hope Gallery. Thanks for sharing the information, I love outdoor graffiti art.

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