Graffiti Around the World

Traveling around the world I enjoy walking around exploring the neighborhoods of my temporary location – graffiti always catches my eye. In Buenos Aires I stayed in the Palermo Soho neighborhood and walked throughout the neighborhood – there was plenty of creative graffiti in the area.


Graffiti Around the World - Buenos Aires street art in Palermo Soho neighborhood

Graffiti in Buenos Aires Argentina


Street Art - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Street Art – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Street Art Around the World - Buenos Aires, Argentina Palermo Soho neighborhood

Street Art – Buenos Aires, Argentina Palermo Soho barrio


Graffiti Around the World - Buenos Aires graffiti in Palermo district - Argentina

Buenos Aires graffiti in Palermo Soho district


Rio de Janeiro has some phenomenal graffiti artists – I passed by this wall in the Ipanema neighborhood every day on my way to the Copacabana beach.


Graffiti Around the World - Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Ipanema neighborhood

Street Art – Rio de Janeiro – Ipanema neighborhood


Graffiti - Rio Street Art in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil graffiti Ipanema neighborhood


On South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas this one always makes me smile!


Austin, Texas - i love you so much

Austin, Texas – i love you so much


In the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood of Panama there was construction everywhere so it was a nice surprise to come across a little gallery of graffiti along one of the streets.


Graffit and Street Art in Casco Viejo historic district in Panama

Casco Viejo historic district in Panama


Near Beijing on the Great Wall of China there is even graffiti


Beijing - graffiti on Great Wall

Beijing – graffiti on Great Wall


Sometimes graffiti offers criticism or advice


Buenos Aires - Fuera Yankis de America Latin

Buenos Aires – Fuera Yankis de America Latin (Yankees out of Latin America)


Street Art - Austin, TX - Never Give Up

Austin, Texas – Never Give Up


Montreal Quebec hosts a Graffiti Convention each August.


Graffiti around the world - Montreal Quebec Canada - host of Graffiti Convention each August

Graffiti in Montreal Quebec


Mexico City street art in black and white


Mexico City street art - graffiti around the world

Mexico City Street Art in black and white


Barcelona graffiti poem in La Ribera district – Art is Life


Street art in Barcelona Spain - La Ribera neighborhood

Graffiti in La Ribera Barcelona


This is part of ABC Wednesday Project where people from around the world create a weekly post as we go through the alphabet – visiting the letter G this week.

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  1. ellen b says:

    You found some nice looking graffiti to photograph. I was so surprised to see so much ugly graffiti in Milan. I guess being born in East Los Angeles I just assumed the U.S. was the mecca for these artists and that it hadn’t gone viral. I can be a bit naive at times…

    • Banksy is probably the most well known graffiti artist in the world and he is from the UK. Graffiti lives all around the world – I hope to see some in Barcelona soon!

  2. Amazing art work throughout the world.
    Love the Great Wall Graffiti.

  3. That is some GREAT graffiti.

  4. lesliebc says:

    Great graffiti…it is really a type of art form.

    abcw team

  5. Tulika says:

    What a collection you have and such attractive graffiti. Loved the one from Rio.

  6. brilliant graffiti. I am especially partial to Never Give Up and I love you so much!

  7. Aktuella bilder says:

    What a variety. Pacman at the bottom is great.

  8. Sharon says:

    That is some cool street art!!

    We used to live in a place where the view from our bedroom window was of a public wall that people were allowed to graffiti on. It was amazing!!

    • That would be great, I would love that! An ever changing canvas right outside your window. When I was in art school many years ago we had a ‘graffiti stairwell’ that was a constantly reworked canvas.

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