Montserrat Spain – Wildflowers Along the Hiking Trails

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Visiting Barcelona last year I enjoyed hiking Montserrat so much that I went back for a full day of hiking the day before my flight back to Austin TX. Did you know that a day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona is so easy? There is a train that leaves from Pl Espanya and drops you at either Aeri (cable car) or St Joan Funicular (rack train) at the base of Montserrat. From there you can do the beautiful hike up to Sant Jeroni in Monserrat.

This post will show you some of the beautiful wildflowers that you will find in the mountains of Spain. I visited in springtime so there were a lot of flowers blooming and the weather was pleasant for walking the trails.

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Grab your guidebook to Barcelona here


On my day trips to Montserrat I enjoyed being out in the fresh air, hiking, listening to the birds, chatting with fellow hikers, picnic lunch, and the beautiful wildflowers along the hiking trails.

It is amazing how many different types of wildflowers grow and thrive along the rocky pathways of Montserrat hiking trails. Put on your favorite hiking shoes and hit the trails!

Another place with pretty wildflowers in Spain is the city of Lloret de Mar with a wonderful coastal hiking trail. It’s about an hour from Barcelona as well, so another nice day trip if you have the time.


Montserrat day trip from Barcelona for hiking in the mountains and enjoying nature

Barcelona day trip to Montserrat – Rose Garlic blooms with the mountains in the background


Barcelona - Montserrat day trip - hiking and enjoying nature just an hour from Barcelona - wildflowers blooming along the hiking trails

Wildflower blooms along the hiking trails of Montserrat


Some of the plants and flowers are not native to this region of the world – the Century Plant (as seen above) introduced to Spain, along with the prickly pear cactus, by explorers returning from the Americas.


Barcelona to Montserrat day trip - hiking the trails wildflowers are plentiful - bee visiting a grey leaved cistus pretty pink bloom

Montserrat hiking trails – bee on Grey Leaved Cistus flower bloom


Pretty pink blooms of the grey leaved Cistus wildflowers were abundant along the hiking trails at Montserrat. The bees loved these flowers!


Wildflowers of Montserrat Catalonia Spain - abundant flowers as well as busy bees

Barcelona Montserrat busy bee on wildflower blooms


Why not enjoy a picnic lunch while visiting Montserrat especially if you will be hiking the trails. I did not think to bring much with  me on my first visit to Montserrat but on the second visit I enjoyed a big breakfast at the café near Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. For my picnic lunch I purchased a sandwich and a few other items at the well stocked shop close to the Aeri (cable car).

Since there are no shops once you get to the top of Montserrat via cable car or funicular bringing a picnic lunch to enjoy at Montserrat is advised. I ate my picnic lunch along with a few other hikers at the summit of Sant Jeroni trail. A group of German travels unveiled their collection of wine, cheese, sausage, fruit, etc – complete with a checkered table-cloth.


Montserrat day trip from Barcelona - highly recommended! Hike the trails of Montserrat and enjoy beautiful nature - shown here is a periwinkle wildflower

Montserrat beautiful Periwinkle flower bloom


Montserrat day trip from Barcelona - hiking and enjoying the wildflowers along the way - rose garlic blooms

Montserrat – Rose Garlic flower blooms close-up


Wildflowers Montserrat hiking trails - narrow leaved cistus blooms white, many other varieties of wildflowers can be seen along the trails

Take a day away from Barcelona to visit Montserrat -blooms of Narrow Leaved Cistus flower


Barcelona day trip to Montserrat for hiking - wildflower blooms along the hiking trails

Visit Montserrat to see these blooming purple wildflowers along the hiking trails


A striking variety of wildflowers bloom in the sedimentary rock of Montserrat.


Wildflower blooms in the rocky terrain of Montserrat - Catalonia Spain - a great day trip from Barcelona

Hiking around Montserrat – cluster of wildflower blooms


Hiking in Montserrat Catalonia Spain - many wildflowers along the trails - great day trip from Barcelona!

Barcelona day trip to Montserrat blue-mauve blooming wildflower


Solo trip to Barcelona - highly recommend a day trip to Montserrat for some hiking and enjoying nature

Day trip from Barcelona to Montserrat to hike the trails – purple thistle flower bloom


Montserrat day trip from Barcelona for hiking and fresh air - one hour train ride from Barcelona

Barcelona Montserrat – bee feeding on white morning-glory blooms


To visit Montserrat from Barcelona take the train from Pl Espanya metro station (L1 – red) and decide whether you want to take the Aeri (cable car) or the funicular (rack train) to Montserrat.

Many people told me I was brave to take the cable car – they must have a phobia about cable cars or maybe they just don’t like the way it moves with the wind. I enjoyed it a great deal.

I took the funicular on the way down and enjoyed the view and relaxing after my day of hiking. On the cable car you need to stand up but it is faster than the funicular.

Aeri (cable car) timetable website


Barcelona to Montserrat day trip - take the cable car to the top and enjoy the hiking trails

Barcelona to Montserrat day trip – enjoy hiking the trails


If you visit for several days then a Barcelona Montserrat day trip is just perfect to escape the city and enjoy some hiking for a few hours. You can enjoy the scenic Catalonia vistas and return to Barcelona to enjoy some tapas in the evening. Happy travels!

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona

By Bus: There is one direct daily bus to and from Montserrat. It leaves from the bus station next to Estació Sants train station in Barcelona. You can find the exact times on the company’s website, AutoCars Julia.

By Train: From the Plaça Espanya train station, take the FGC’s R5 train to either Aeri de Montserrat or Monistrol de Montserrat. Which stop to get off depends on whether you choose to take the cable car or the rack train to the mountain. You can purchase combination tickets (called ToT Montserrat ticket) at the train station in Barcelona and find out more about prices and options.


Hiking in Spain - purple wildflowers

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  1. Perfect timing as we will be in Barcelona soon and this is on our list

  2. Isn’t it amazing the number of different wildflowers that are there under one’s nose, if only we take the time to slow down, look and take notice of them :)

  3. I went to the Abbey at Montserrat many years ago but I didn’t realise that it was such a good area for walking. Time for a return visit I think!

  4. I’ll also be in Barcelona soon on my way to TBEX in Lloret del Mar, but I don’t think I’ll have time for a Monserrat hike on this trip. I haven’t been there since 2009 and I think I need to get back to La Sagrada Familia to check on the progress. I love flower photos and it looks like you found plenty worthy of your lens. (Germans do know how to “comfortize” their outdoor adventures. I remember camping in Europe with my family in 1970. We saw a few German caravans literally with white picket fences around their site, outdoor tables and chairs, etc, while we were sitting on the hard ground.)

  5. Thanks for your directions on how to visit Montserrat from Barcelona. Your photos are fabulous and I can’t wait to visit this amazing city. We’ve rented an apartment in Barcelona for the whole month of May as there’s so much to see and do in this area. Woo-hoo! Here we come!

  6. Susan says:

    Unexpected wildflowers are such a treat!

  7. Nancie says:

    Beautiful flowers. I would have taken the cable car as well. I love them!

  8. I will be in Barcelona for the first time later this month. I hadn’t planned on going to Montserrat but you have me considering it! I love the variety of wildflowers.

  9. It is amazing how something as simple as wildflowers can look so beautiful. Lovely photos!

  10. Perfect, I was planning a Montserrat visit on my trip to Barcelona, but was thinking of doing a guided tour. This helps me choose to just go cheaper by train and enjoy the whole day.

  11. So lovely! What a wonderful way to spend a day! It seems like a lot of people I know are going to Barcelona! I have the itch to go back and I will include a day trip like yours. Thank you!

  12. Carole Terwilliger Meyers says:

    I’ve been to Barcelona several times and never heard of Montserrat. It sounds like a great day trip. Loved your flower images.

  13. I love wildflowers. Your photos are beautiful. I didn’t make it to Montserrat when I visited Barcelona. Maybe next time.

  14. I love the photo of the hermitage! Great shot.

  15. This post has inspired me to add Montserrat to our “must do” list when we are in Barcelona later this month! Just beautiful, and I feel like I know exactly how things will go. Thank you!

  16. Shelley says:

    Sounds and looks wonderful. Next time I’m in Barcelona I’m going to do a Montserrat day trip! You went at a great time of year, with all the wildflowers in bloom.

  17. The wildflower memories you brought home from Montserrat are stunning. You should frame this as a collection!

  18. Josie says:

    Hi Susan,

    Lovely photos! I love that you took time to slow down and smell the roses!!!
    I have taken several of the hikes on Montserrat and love the vistas, the serene ambiance, and smelling the growing things everywhere.
    In terms of food, the ever-present street vendors sell wonderful cheeses, fig treats, cookies, cakes, etc., albeit a bit expensive. But we had fun munching on some purchased almonds while hiking the trails. One time we chose a shady tree-lined trail on the west side of the mountain, and another time walked the stony sunny dramatic trails on the east side. Either way, a glorious place to spend time. There’s so much to do too, such as purchasing the inexpensive, (6 Euros I think), self-guided audio tour which allows you to roam as you like through the basilica, museums, and grounds.
    By the way, we took the cable car and loved it. Just stand more towards the center if the swinging and heights bother you!
    Wishing you safe and happy travels,

  19. What an assortment of wildflowers. Your post has gotten me even more excited about visiting Spain during TBEX. Not sure i’ll have the time to visit Montserrat, but since it’s my first trip there, i’m sure i’ll enjoy all i get to see!

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