Tapas – Tasty Finger Food Treats in Barcelona Spain

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I just spent 9 days enjoying all the wonderful places to see around Barcelona – you can view the highlights here. Tapas are an essential, and delicious, part of enjoying travel in Spain.

It is common to start out with some Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) which is bread with a tomato sauce spread on top and best accompanied by a glass of cava, wine, or sangria. I must point out that the bread in Barcelona is delicious! I rarely eat bread at home but I couldn’t resist all the bread in Barcelona.


Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) is a Catalan tapa

Pa amb tomàquet – bread with tomato – and cava of course!


My favorites in Barcelona were the pintxos – finger food of various types stacked on top of a small slice of bread. Delicioso!

Each pintxo treat cost 1.90 euro (around $2.60) and usually three were sufficient for me. I like to eat small meals throughout the day so tapas were a perfect choice for a couple of my mini-meals each day. The various toppings I tried were ham with cheese, cured beef with blue cheese, roasted pimento pepper with crab,  and seafood pintxos including tuna and shrimp.


Pintxos tapas - toothpicks hold various toppings on top of a piece of bread - pay per toothpick

Pintxos tapas at Sagardi Euskal Taberna in El Born district of Barcelona


Tapas at Sagardi Euskal Taberna in El Born district of Barcelona - pintxos tapas

Tapas at Sagardi Euskal Taberna in El Born district of Barcelona


I also tried a dessert variety that included figs with a healthy portion of goat cheese and pastry rather than bread – very tasty!


Sagardi tapas bar in Barcelona's El Born district - Pintxo tapa with goat cheese, fig, and pastry with a mint leaf

Pintxo tapa with goat cheese, fig, and pastry with a mint leaf


Another favorite tapa selection for me were the croquetas – usually accompanied by a cerveza. These crispy on the outside – smooth and creamy on the inside lightly fried treats were just the right afternoon snack to appease my hunger while wandering the streets of Barcelona and taking in all the incredible architecture.

Croquetas contain various fillings from cheese to codfish to ham. Croquetas bacalao – the codfish filled variety.


Croquetas - delicious tapas in Barcelona Spain

Croquetas – deliciously crispy exterior with creamy smooth inside


There is also the pintxo which combines ham with a croqueta on a small slice of bread – these are warmed up first making for a tasty treat.


Ham croqueta pintxo at Taller de Tapas in Barcelona - delicious with a glass of cava

Ham croqueta pintxo at Taller de Tapas in Barcelona


Tapas are a treat that mustn’t be missed when visiting Barcelona – enjoy!


Tapas in Barri Gotic district of Barcelona - navalles (razor clams) with lemon - delicious treat at Taller de Tapas in Barcelona

Barcelona tapas navalles (razor clams) and lemon – Taller de Tapas


Taller de Tapas - Barcelona Catalonia Spain - assortment of delicious tapas treats

Barcelona Taller de Tapas fresh fish


Tapas in Barcelona - octopus and prawns await - Taller de Tapas in Barri Gotic district

At the tapas bar – Taller de Tapas in Barcelona


Remember to save some room for dessert too!


Taller de Tapas - dessert tapas - Catalan pancake infused with anis - so tasty!

Catalan pancake infused with anis – Taller de Tapas


What are some of your favorite food treats when traveling?

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  1. I have just eaten breakfast but…oh my, do these look delicious.
    I think I would have gained at least 10 pounds eating all that wonderful bread.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • There were quite delicious! One of the great things about Barcelona is that it is a wonderful city to explore on foot – I walked many blocks every day, and went swimming, and hiking, and took the stairs to my apartment. I ate whatever I liked but worked it all off by keeping active. I love a good walk-able city!

  2. Reader Wil says:

    Yummy! It looks all very delicious!
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  3. Marcy says:

    I am so hungry now!!

  4. Jesh StG says:

    I have tasted healthier food in Spain, which I would opt for -and I would definitely cut out the white bread:)

    • Agreed, there are definitely healthier choices for meals in Spain, however It was my first visit there and I couldn’t say no to these particular tapas :)

      While I never eat white bread here at home when I am traveling I tend to slack off from my healthy diet. I work it all off by walking. In Barcelona I had 71 stairs to climb to get to my apartment – although there was an elevator I choose to use the stairs. And then there were a couple of one-hour swimming sessions at the Olympic pool and hours of hiking around Montserrat too!

  5. Hildred says:

    Great suggestions for small meals – they look delicious!

  6. ellen b says:

    I really do like the idea of tasty bites of food!

  7. Had them only rarely, but they WERE tasty.

  8. tapas in barcelona – few things are better than this experience.

  9. Cris says:

    Everything looks so delicious! :x

  10. Thos tapas look tasty!! :D Haha, lovely way to enjoy such a beautiful city! XD

  11. Joy says:

    Love tapas and find bread irresistible, now feeling very hungry. after reading and looking at the photographs. mmm.

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