Costa Brava Hiking Lloret de Mar Wildflowers on Coastal Path

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Spring is the best time to get outdoors and go walking the coastal path by Lloret De Mar in Costa Brava. You could hike all the way to the French border along this Mediterranean trail. I limited my hikes to Costa Brava region but I dream of doing some multi-day hikes when I have fewer work responsibilities.


Coastal trail hike along the sea from Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava

Coastal trail hike along the sea from Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava


I enjoyed my second solo trip to Barcelona Spain in late April – early May. Beautiful spring time weather in Barcelona and Costa Brava make it the perfect time to travel the Catalonia coast and do some hiking.

Last year I went hiking at Montserrat twice – I highly recommend it as a day trip from Barcelona. I went in spring when the wildflowers were blooming along the trails. This year I spent a week in Costa Brava. in the town of Lloret de Mar to attend a conference and I also enjoyed a few days on my own.


Stone path along the Costa Brava hiking trail in Lloret de Mar Catalonia coast - part of the GR92 foot path route

Stone path – Costa Brava hiking trail in Lloret de Mar – fewer people in the mornings


Hiking Cost Brava trails - Lloret de Mar Catalonia - brightly colored insect along the foot path

Colorful insect along the hiking trail – Lloret de Mar


Hiking Lloret de Mar - wildflowers along the GR92 foot path

Lloret de Mar wildflowers along GR92 foot path


I enjoy early morning hikes or walks within the city when I am traveling. I find it enjoyable to experience a place right around sunrise – before the streets are busy with people or the beaches become crowded with tourists.


Hiking Costa Brava near Lloret de Mar - beautiful coastal trail - wildflowers in bloom

Hiking near Lloret de Mar wildflowers – tiny red flower buds


Hiking Costa Brava Catalunya - wildflowers along the foot path

Hiking in Lloret de Mar – wildflowers on coastal cliff


Hiking Costa Brava - Lloret de Mar foot path along the rocky coastline - Catalonia Spain

Costa Brava morning hike – Lloret de Mar foot path along the rocky coast


During my early morning walks along the beaches and in the town of Lloret de Mar I took many photos of the architecture as well as the wild flowers along the coastal trails.


Hiking Costa Brava - wildflowers blooming along the coastal foot paths - thistle in bloom

Thistle in bloom along the coastal path at Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava


Hiking Costa Brava near Lloret de Mar wildflowers - beautiful daisies blooming

Hiking near Lloret de Mar wildflowers – daisies blooming


Hiking Costa Brava near Lloret de Mar brightly colored wildflower in bloom along the rocky coast

Hiking Costa Brava near Lloret de Mar wildflower in bloom


Costa Brava hiking trails along the Catalonia coast are part of the GR route (Gran Recorrido) a network of long-distance paths and hiking trails in Europe.


Costa Brava hiking trails - watch for markers with white stripe above red stripe - GR92 trail

Lloret de Mar foot path GR92 (Gran Recorrido) marker on tree


Costa Brava hiking trails - GR92 in Lloret de Mar - marked with white and red stripe - part of Gran Recorrido network of long distance foot paths in Europe

Hiking in Costa Brava – GR (Gran Recorrido) marker on a rock in Lloret de Mar


The hiking trails are marked with a white stripe above a red stripe to show the route. The GR white and red markers are painted on stones, trees, or sign posts along the trail. I saw many of the GR sign markers during my hikes along the Costa Brava seashore.


Hiking Costa Brava - yellow wildflowers blooming along the foot path in Lloret de Mar - Catalunya

Lloret de Mar yellow wildflowers along the coastal hiking trail


Purple wildflowers along GR92 foot path at Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava

Purple wildflowers along GR92 foot path at Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava


Costa Brava hiking trails - cactus and other succulents are common

Lloret de Mar cactus along coastal path GR92


I was a bit surprised to see cactus along the hiking trails in Costa Brava. I also saw other succulent plants – some of them in bloom. The colors are so vibrant you can’t miss them.


Hiking Costa Brava foot paths near Lloret de Mar - succulents are a common sight

Lloret de Mar wildflower succulent blooming in bright pink


Costa Brava hiking trails - - Lloret de Mar wildflowers along the foot path

Hiking Costa Brava – Lloret de Mar wildflowers along the foot path


Spring is a great time to visit Lloret de Mar. Enjoy hiking the Costa Brava foot paths – and reward yourself with some delicious tapas and sangria cava afterwards.

For more information on the coastal footpaths of Costa Brava please visit the official tourism website for Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees: Visit Costa Brava


How to get to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona

By Train from Barcelona to Costa Brava

Renfe train company can be taken to the neighboring town of Blanes.

By Car from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar

Driving directions can be found on Lloret de Mar’s official website.


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  1. santafetraveler says:

    Loved the flowers and the ocean. Would love to get there.

  2. All of your photos are beautiful but the stand out pic for me was the stunning coast along the trail of Lloret de Mar. We’re in Barcelona for all of May but I think some side trips may need to be planned…

    • Anita it is only a 1 hour bus ride from Barcelona – well worth the visit! May is a beautiful time to visit Barcelona – have fun! I am a bit jealous :)

  3. We love the rugged, yet accessible coastal paths in Lloret de Mar and other communities in Costa Brava. It’s a lovely time to be here right now before the hordes arrive. :)

  4. When someone is surrounded by such natural beauty, it surely must buffer the feeling of being alone~

    • Nature is a wonderful companion. Although, I have no need to buffer the feeling of being alone! I choose to travel alone, hence the blog name :)

      Perhaps it is time for me to write the “Alone but not Lonely” post about solo travel.

  5. Beautiful photos particularly the morning hike one. It looked very much like Sorrento in Italy at first glance.

  6. Early morning walks sound like a great idea. I love your photos. Spring wildflowers are such a delight.

  7. noel says:

    Gorgeous walking trail, thanks for the coastline views and highlights.

  8. What a trail! Beautiful landscape and flowers.

  9. Carole Terwilliger Meyers says:

    What a lovely collection of wildflowers from Lloret de Mar!

  10. Rachel says:

    I walked a bit of that coastal trail from Lloret one afternoon but I would have loved to do more. You really captured the beauty of the plant life there!

  11. Like you, I did a lot of walking in Lloret de Mar, and I was surprised at the number of walking paths available. The spring flowers are lovely at this time of year, and the inland trails are very peaceful.

  12. I loved it there Susan, especially along the coastal path. You’ve captured the flowers beautifully. So glad we got the chance to meet in person. Thanks for making the contact!

    • Thank you Alison – cool to meet you in person finally! I could have used another week or so to explore the hiking trails around Lloret de Mar – a good excuse to go back for another visit to Costa Brava!

  13. Sorry our paths didn’t cross in Lloret, but it looks as if we walked some of the same paths. Nice photos, and I agree how great it is to find so many well-marked trails.

  14. Josie says:

    Hi Susan,

    My favorite is the photo of the rocky coast with the breaking sun glowing. I love that time of day, too, and your Spanish walk looks absolutely glorious. Thanks for taking us along with you!


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