Flowers From Faraway Fields

Traveling to faraway places I enjoy seeing the various types of flora and fauna of a region. I have seen Impatiens growing wild along the mountainside of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I was reminded of Texas when I saw endless fields of wildflowers while on a train journey from Casablanca to Marrakech in Morocco. Traveling around the world provides the opportunity to explore what is different about a location as well as finding the commonality.

Given the opportunity I always stop to take photos of the flowers during my travels. Here are several flower photos from my solo travels over the last few years.

I haven’t identified all of the flowers yet, please help me out if you know any of the names.

Ceibo is the national flower of Argentina - Buenos Aires

Ceibo is the national flower of Argentina – Buenos Aires

I saw the ceibo flowers blooming near the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires. I had never seen this flower before. They bloom on the ceiba tree which is found in the tropical climates of South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, and West Africa.

Tabebuia tree with yellow flowers - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tabebuia tree with yellow flowers – São Paulo – Brazil

I loved the contrast of the bright yellow flowers against the blue sky in Sao Paulo. I walked past this tree several times each day along the street where I stayed in Sao Paulo.

White Flowers - Montreal Botanical Gardens

White Flowers – Montreal Botanical Gardens

While visiting Montreal Botanical Gardens in 2013 I enjoyed the massive exhibit known as Mosaicultures Internationales which has been hosted by Canada, China, and Japan in the past.

Orange Aloe Flower - Jardin Majorelle - Marrakech - Morocco

Orange Aloe – Jardin Majorelle – Marrakech – Morocco

Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is a short taxi ride from the medina (walled city) and also features a Berber Museum. The gardens were first planted by Jacques Majorelle who initially purchased land in 1923. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge purchased Jardin Majorelle in 1980.

Blue Flower - Mumsy's Garden in Calgary Canada

Blue Flower (Delphinium ?) – Mumsy’s Garden in Calgary – Canada

My mother and grandmother always had gorgeous flower gardens and my mom’s garden provides enjoyment to plenty of people and bees and butterflies.

Magnolia blooms - Suzhou, China - Liu Yuan Garden

Magnolia blooms – Suzhou, China – Liu Yuan Garden

Springtime in China – beautiful magnolia blooms!

Yellow flower with silver foliage - Bogota - Colombia

Yellow flower with silver foliage – Bogotá – Colombia

Taking the cable car up Montserrat in Bogota is the best way to have view of the city. There were flower gardens at the top and I loved the silvery leaves on this plant with the bright yellow flowers. I must remember to ask my mother what is the name of the flower because I am certain she will know – or she will find out for me!

Bird of paradise - Manzanillo - Costa Rica

Bird of Paradise – Manzanillo – Costa Rica

I enjoyed my week in Manzanillo Costa Rica immensely – the variety of flora and fauna is amazing! Every day I would see something new, from toucans to a Jesus lizard on land and brightly colorful tropical fish to the surreal sight of a manta ray while snorkeling off the beach.

Costa Rica Hymenocallis littoralis Beach Spider Lily Flower

Beach Spider Lily – Costa Rica

If you want to see thousands of tulips in bloom visit Istanbul in April. The streets are lined with tulips of all colors and April is still a little cool in the evenings but usually warm during the daytime – a perfect time to visit the only city in the world that is part European and part Asian.

Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrush - Austin, TX

Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrush at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – Austin Texas

Spring is my favorite season in Austin Texas because there are several flowers that only bloom during the springtime such as bluebonnets, wisteria, and red bud. All are a friendly reminder of warmer days ahead.

I hope you have enjoyed touring these gardens and flowers from faraway fields.

Have you visited any botanical gardens while traveling? What is your favorite place to enjoy nature while traveling?

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Susan Moore’s first solo travel experience was traveling around SE Asia for 7 months in 1993. It was life changing and extraordinary. Currently Susan is living a nomadic life, working and roadtripping around the USA and Canada. Read all about Susan » You can reach Susan Moore at Facebook
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  1. Roger Green says:

    A bit of spring, greatly needed!

  2. Reader Wil says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers. We have also magnolia trees here in my country and of course tulipes!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

    • Susan Moore says:

      Wil, I have seen the beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands – in 1985 I traveled to Europe for the first time and I was lucky to visit in the spring time and visit Keukenhof garden – the theme that year was music, it was an outstanding event! I saw fields of flowers for as far as the eye could see! I do not have any of those photos now unfortunately, but I keep them in my mind’s eye, forever :)

  3. Leovi says:

    Wonderful and beautiful flowers! Beautiful photos!

  4. Lotusleaf says:

    Beautiful flowers. I am also fond of travelling and flowers.

    • Susan Moore says:

      I visited your blog, love your garden! I haven’t been to India yet so it’s great to have your website so I can see a bit of the country through your posts. Thank you!

  5. lisa says:

    Oh my, I’m not sure I could pick a favorite from this selection! I really like the gray foliage with the pop of yellow color. But they are all lovely.

    • Susan Moore says:

      Thank you Lisa, I love the contrast of the yellow & silver/grey too – I think I took 20 or so photos of those flowers – at the top of Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia – a beautiful view of the city. I still need to find out the name of these flowers.

  6. photowannabe says:

    So pretty and exotic. I would love to travel as you have and see such beautiful flowers.

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