Solo Trip to Marrakech Morocco

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I booked my solo trip to Marrakech Morocco in early 2010. It was travel therapy. Some people go shopping when they feel unhappy. I make travel arrangements.

I love visiting places with a rich history – Istanbul and Barcelona are two of my favorite cities due to the intoxicating mix of ancient and modern within the same urban space.

Wandering through the souks of the old city of Marrakech the vendors call out an invitation to each passing tourist as motorbikes maneuver between donkey carts and assorted wares on display. The scene is chaotic at first. A few days into my visit to Marrakech I felt more in tune with the rhythm of the place.


Scooters - a motorbike and a bicycle parked along the wall in the souks - Solo trip to Marrakech Morocco

Motorbike and bicycle parked in the medina of Marrakech


Solo female travelers to Marrakech Morocco take note that Morocco is fairly conservative and it is important to consider the local culture when you decide on what clothes to pack for your trip. In Marrakech I wore long skirts or jeans with tops that covered my shoulders.

Still I attracted attention with my pale skin and blonde hair but people were always respectful. Well except for the individual that pinched my derriere as I walked amidst the crowds at the Jemaa el Fna square one evening. I imagine that the two young women that I observed wearing short shorts and cowboy boots received plenty of pinches that night.


At Marrakech Museum - close-up photo of a carved door at Marrakech Morocco

Detail of carved door in Marrakech Morocco at the Marrakech Museum


Meandering my way through the medina one day, heading back to the riad (traditional Moroccan house) after a visit to the Marrakech Museum I smiled but continued walking as the vendors offered their wares for sale. Towards the end of my route I stopped and laughed at a vendor’s words. “Remember you said you would come and look at the rugs today?!” I certainly did not say any such thing, but I was amused by his sales pitch. Aziz became my afternoon tea time amigo along with his friend Abdullah.

Each afternoon I listened to their stories and learned a little about their lives. They listened to my stories and learned a little about my life. For me the interaction with local people is a big part of my attraction to travel. I love exploring other cultures. The people I meet along the way enhance my travel experience a great deal.

My solo trip to Marrakech Morocco was yet another successful travel therapy session.


Atlas Mountains of Morocco in the background - Mark Hetsgaard quote: Travel is like knowledge. The more you see the more you know you haven't seen

Travel is like knowledge. The more you see the more you know you haven’t seen – Mark Hertsgaard

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  1. Carol Kotlarz says:

    Morocco was certainly one of my most favorite trips. More an experience than a vacation really with a daily exercise in patience and understanding. I took lessons home from that trip that I still draw upon today and I think the common misconception revolves around violence. We were four women traveling the entire country of Morocco over three weeks and I never once felt afraid or threatened. In fact, it was quite the opposite. A peaceful people full of tradition and prayer which I found comforting.

    • Thanks for commenting Carol, and yes I agree about feeling safe while traveling in Morocco. So good to know you four women enjoyed your trip to Morocco. I remember the first night I arrived in Marrakech, the owner of the riad wanted me to go get cash to pay, at 11:30 PM. I was apprehensive to walk the winding walkways alone and use the ATM at such a late hour. A fellow traveler kindly offered to walk with me. I later realized my fear was unwarranted, I was safer walking alone late at night in Marrakech than in most US cities. I was looking at the place with western eyes, when I let go of my preconceived ideas the fear was gone.

      Happy travels!

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