Solo Travel Barcelona – Visit Park Ciutadella

Barcelona is a great city for solo travel. My latest solo trip in May 2015 I enjoyed a visit to Park Ciutadella, which is a huge park (70 acres) in central Barcelona La Ribera neighborhood – my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona!

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Barcelona Passeig de Sant Joan - Arc de Triomf in the distance

Passeig de Sant Joan in La Ribera neighborhood in Barcelona – Arc de Triomf in the distance


Enjoy the magnificent Arc de Triomf on your way to Park Ciutadella. The Arc de Triomf was the entrance passage to the 1888 Worlds’s Exhibition held in Barcelona. If you ride the metro to Park Ciutadella take the L1 to the Arc de Triomf station. The metro is a great way to get around in Barcelona.


Barcelona parakeet nest building near Arr de Triomf

Barcelona parakeet nest-building near Arr de Triomf


You will likely hear the squawks of the parakeets while walking along Passeig Lluis Companys towards Park Ciutadella. The parakeets are plentiful in Barcelona and they enjoy nesting in the palm trees.


Barcelona Park Ciutadella Homage to World Exposition of 1888

Sculpture in Park Ciutadella – Homage to World Exposition of  1888


Barcelona Park Ciutadella map of the park's many attractions

Barcelona Park Ciutadella map


Legend to the map of Park Ciutadella

  1. Castle of Three Dragons – Zoological Museum
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Geological Museum
  4. Shaded area for plants
  5. Barcelona Zoo
  6. Parliament
  7. IES Verdaguer (school)
  8. Military Chapel
  9. Pier
  10. Playground
  11. Cascada Monumental
  12. Lake
  13. Gazebo bandstand
  14. Placa de les Armes – garden


Ciutadella Park is the former site of the Citadel built by Philip of Spain after the 1714 War of the Spanish Succession. Much of La Ribera district was destroyed to create the citadel. The photo below was taken at the El Born Centre Cultural – just across Passeig Picasso from the Park Ciutadella – worth a visit particularly for anyone with an interest in Catalan history.


Centre Cultural El Born – 1714 destruction of La Ribera

El Born Centre Cultural  – 1714 destruction of La Ribera district


This time I had only one last day to spend in Barcelona before flying back to Austin. It was a beautiful spring day so I decided to spend my time walking around my neighborhood – La Ribera. I was already familiar with the area due to my trip to Barcelona in 2014. I had visited Park Ciutadella but the day was rainy and windy and I knew I missed a lot. The fabulous Cascada Monumental for instance.


Barcelona Cascada Monumental at Park Ciutadella - La Ribera district Barcelona Catalonia Spain

Cascada Monumental at Park Ciutadella


Barcelona Park Ciutadella fountain Cascada Monumental - a feature that is not to be missed while visiting Barcelona

Barcelona Park Ciutadella fountain Cascada Monumental


Barcelona Park Ciutadella stairs to Cascada Monumental - extraordinary architecture in Catalonia

Stairs to Cascada Monumental in Barcelona’s magnificent Park Ciutadella


There are so many things to do and see in Barcelona. I enjoyed 11 days in Barcelona on previous visits, yet I had not seen the incredible fountain Cascada Monumental in Park Ciutadella.


Barcelona Park Ciutadella view from Cascada Monumental - spend a day in the park in La Ribera neighborhood Barcelona Catalonia Spain

Barcelona Park Ciutadella view from Cascada Monumental


Barcelona Park Ciutadella kids chasing bubbles

Barcelona Park Ciutadella kids chasing bubbles


Besides the regular sounds one hears in a park setting on a sunny Sunday afternoon I also heard voices singing as I walked up the stairs of Cascada Monumental. Standing in a circle around a couple with beaming smiles on their faces, a dozen people singing an a capella version of Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. Not my favorite song, but now it is lodged in my brain forever. The couple looked so happy and happiness is contagious. Makes me smile just thinking of that moment.


Barcelona Park Ciutadella Cascada Monumental is a must see in Barcelona - spend a day in the park

Barcelona Park Ciutadella Cascada Monumental – happy place


Watch for woolly mammoth roaming the grounds of Park Ciutadella.


Barcelona Park Ciutadella woolly mammoth statue

Woolly mammoth statue at Park Ciutadella


More music in Ciutadella Park beckoned me. I followed the sound of drumming and found a small group enjoying the music. A few people were dancing to the beat of the drums and after a while one of the dancers invited several others to learn some African dance moves. I joined in the dance circle along with a few other adults a several little kids. It was fun! I was not particularly good at following the dancer’s steps but I gave it a good try. The kids were adorable little dancers!


Barcelona Park Ciutadella drumming on a sunny Sunday in the park

Barcelona Park Ciutadella drumming – makes me want to dance!


Strolling through the park there are plenty of spots to enjoy a space all to yourself if you want to practice your cloud gazing and day dreaming skills.


Barcelona Park Ciutadella daisies - enjoy a picnic in the park

Daisies in Park Ciutadella Barcelona


Barcelona Park Ciutadella - orange trees line some of the pathways

Oranges grow in Park Ciutadella


Barcelona Park Ciutadella palm trees - enjoy a day in the park

Palm trees in Barcelona’s Park Ciutadella


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  1. noel says:

    I love that park, so tropical and grand at the same time, your pics just bring me back there again!

  2. The only thing better than visiting Barcelona? Visiting it on a sunny day like you did!:-)

  3. One of our favorite cities in Europe and we have not yet been to Park Ciutadella. We’ll have to fix that! :)

  4. Anita says:

    Beautiful images, Susan! I especially like the stairs to Cascada Monumenta, against the blue, blue sky. Your post makes me want to head back to Barcelona asap for another look.

  5. Looks like an amazing place to while away a beautiful day.

  6. Donna Janke says:

    I loved Barcelona when I visited but I never made it to Park Ciutadella. I keep finding more reasons to go back – things I didn’t have a chance to see (and I thought I covered a lot of ground when I was there) or things I want to see again,

  7. We love Barcelona but somehow we have missed Ciutadella Park. Now we have something to see next time we visit, thanks!

  8. Your solo wanderings have inspired me to get out and do a lot more walking on my own around Barcelona while we’re here. I walked to the Arc de Triomf a couple of days ago but it looks like I stopped too soon. Your photos of the Park Ciutadella are beautiful, especially the ones of the Cascada Monumenta. Barcelona is an amazing city and there’s something new to see every day!

  9. I visited Park Ciutadella in Barcelona years ago, relaxing on the park’s green grass and visiting the zoo. It is a delight to see it again now through your lens.

  10. Anne says:

    Wow – we just walked through Ciutadella on our way elsewhere – must take more time to see all this next visit!

  11. What a delightful day in a delightful city. You reminded me that Barcelona is always a marvellous place to visit – and re-visit. :)

  12. Awesome!! I really enjoyed your article and excellent photos!!

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