Fun Things to Do on a Day Trip to Winslow Arizona

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Flagstaff to Winslow AZ Day Trip

Driving from Flagstaff to Winslow only takes one hour so it’s a great choice for a day trip. And it’s a fun road trip, complete with American history, art, and great food. I had fun in Winslow and it’s a must visit stop if you are doing a Route 66 road trip in the United States.

You could also combine your visit to Winslow with a visit to the Homolovi State Park which is a 15-minute drive from Winslow.

Or make Winslow a stop on your way to the Petrified Forest National Park. Since there aren’t any restaurants in the park you should enjoy a great breakfast (or lunch) in Winslow AZ on the way.

Let’s have a look at some of the cool things to do in Winslow Arizona.


Winslow Arizona mural 10,000 nice people welcome you

Winslow Arizona mural 10,000 nice people welcome you


Standing on the Corner in Winslow Arizona

You’ve no doubt heard the Eagles hit song Take it Easy, right?

Hint: Winslow Arizona is in the song.

Remember this line from the song? Well, I’m a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona And such a fine sight to see. It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford Slowin’ down to take a look at me

The song was written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey.


Route 66 Winslow Arizona


Standin on the Corner Park

At the corner of Kinsley and E 2nd Street in Winslow you will find the Standing on the Corner Park. Tourism brings visitors to Winslow once again with this roadside attraction inspired by the Eagles song.

You see, Winslow thrived when Highway 66 was the main road connecting Chicago to California. The highway was known as The Main Street of America, The Will Rogers Highway, or The Mother Road from the 1920s to the mid-80s. But in 1984 and the completion of US Interstate 40 in Arizona, the old Hwy 66 was no longer necessary for road tripping tourists.


standin' on the corner winslow arizona

Standing on the Corner Park in Winslow Arizona


Highway 66 is now known as Historic Route 66.

Be sure to walk both west and east of the park to find the art murals around Winslow. And enjoy a visit to the historic La Posada Hotel.


Winslow AZ mural

Walk around in Winslow AZ to see the colorful murals


thunderbird design arizona


Girl in a flatbed Ford Winslow AZ

There’s that girl in a flatbed Ford


La Posada Hotel

303 E 2nd Street

Built in 1930 by the Santa Fe Railroad company, and designed by architect Mary Colter, La Posada Hotel closed in 1957 and was almost demolished in the 1990s. When architect Allan Affeldt and artist Tina Mion purchased the hotel, it received some restoration work.

Now it is a beautiful historic hotel complete with restaurant, extensive gift shop, art gallery, and historic memorabilia.


La Posada Hotel Winslow Arizona

Entrance to la Posada Hotel in Winslow Arizona


Turquoise Room and Martini Lounge at La Posada

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The bar is open from 11 am to 10 pm daily.

I would go back to Winslow again just to eat at the Turquoise Room restaurant at La Posada Hotel. If you want to enjoy a suburb dining experience without breaking the bank, then Turquoise Room is for you. Seriously, everything was excellent at Turquoise room, from the service and the food to the décor.

Google Maps was a bit confusing when I followed the driving instructions. Arriving at a parking lot close to the train station my phone announced, “You’ve arrived” and I was like, WHAT? WHERE is it?! NO, I haven’t arrived, there is no restaurant HERE!

Fortunately, a sharp dressed man (remember that song by ZZ Top?) parked next to me and I figured he worked at the Posada Hotel. I asked him where the restaurant was, and he said to access it via the hotel. Thank you! Google didn’t tell me that part. I suppose I would have figured it out eventually, but I’m a little slow sometimes, especially when I’m hungry.

Once you get to the restaurant you will find a wonderful ambiance with handwoven Navajo blankets adorning the walls and hand painted tin and glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling beams. And that sharp dressed man, turned out he was my waiter :)

The menus is contemporary Southwestern cuisine. I enjoyed the Piki Bread with Hopi Hummus, coffee, and the Churro Lamb Pasole. All delicious!


Turquoises Room Winslow AZ Piki Bread with Hopi Hummus

Turquoises Room Winslow AZ Piki Bread with Hopi Hummus


Tina Mion Gallery

While I’m pretty sure I have seen Tina Mion’s art work in print or online before, I am thrilled that I got to see her paintings in person. Tina’s art is amazing.

And she tackles some serious topics in her paintings. For instance, aging and loss of memory, as depicted in her painting Mionland – described on the info card as “a way station, a place between life and what comes after.” She painted it after seeing her grandmother for the last time.

Then there’s the painting A New Year’s Eve Party in Purgatory for Suicides in which Liberace makes a guest appearance down from heaven just for the hell of it.

Mion completed the painting in 2003 and it includes a collection of artists, musicians, and other famous folks who all took their own lives. The two exceptions in the painting are Liberace and Tina Mion. On the info card Mion states in part “I do not condone suicide but it has touched all our lives, and mostly in silence. It is so prevalent in our society that it deserves to be depicted and discussed. I hope this painting helps.”


Gift Shop at La Posada Hotel

You must visit the gift shop at La Posada Hotel. It is loaded with cute and collectible gift items. Perfect shopping spot for souvenirs from Arizona.


La Posada Hotel gift shop Winslow AZ

La Posada Hotel gift shop has a large selection of souvenir items


Homolovi State Park

You could easily spend more than an afternoon at Homolovi State Park. But if you are short on time and want to see as much of Arizona as possible then combine a trip to Winslow with a visit to the ruins at Homolovi park.


Petrified Forest National Park – Painted Desert

Another Arizona park deserving of more than an afternoon. But when you’re road tripping across America you can’t always spend a whole day at every stop.

You would be missing out if you didn’t at least stop in and see the petrified wood trees at the Petrified Forest National Park. The place is amazing for the brilliant colors of the petrified wood and the variety of places to stop along the 26 miles drive through the park.

If you are short on time, you can still drive to the south entrance and taka a quick hike around the Giant Logs Trail. You can spare an hour. Do it!


Giant logs Petrified Forest

Walk the Trail of Giant Logs at Petrified Forest National Park


Now make a plan and take a road trip to Winslow Arizona for some fun and a bit of historical road tripping.

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