Solo Trip to Malacca Malaysia in 1993

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Malacca was the first place I visited in Malaysia during my 7 month solo backpacking journey around Southeast Asia in 1993. I also visited the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and enjoyed a few days on the island Palau Perhentian Kecil, so I enjoyed some variety in locations.

I visited Malaysia in March and it was hot in all three locations. Malacca is a coastal city but there are no beaches. There are Malacca River cruises and when I get a chance to tour around a city in a boat I take up the opportunity. I enjoy seeing a city while floating down a river and watching the views float past.

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Boating tour along the Malacca River - Southeast Asia solo trip in 1993

Malacca River Cruise – first solo trip in 1993 – Malaysia


I can’t say Malacca is memorable due to the architecture or sites of interest. The thing that makes Malacca memorable to me are the people I met. I met several other solo travelers, mostly women backpacking around Southeast Asia. Then there was the Swedish guy that I first me in Lombok (and again, later in Chang Mai) who spoke English with a perfect American accent. Swede and I took a batik lesson together in Malacca – I think I still have my batik.


Learning to make a batik in Malacca Malaysia

Creating a batik in Malacca Malaysia


A group of us girls went to see the kite festival in Malacca and enjoyed the music at the drum circle, and some delicious Malaysian food.


Drumming at kite festival in Malacca Malaysia in 1993

Musicians at kite festival in Malacca Malaysia in 1993


At the guest house in Malacca there were around seven solo female travelers. Our guest house host was a Malaysian man, probably in his early thirties. On the day of Eid al-Fitr (the end of Ramadan) our host offered to take all of us women to visit his family to join in the celebration. We visited his mother’s house and his aunt’s house, both had huge selections of food. His mother and his aunt each welcomed us into their homes as if we were long lost friends.


Seven solo female travelers in Southeast Asia

Seven solo female travelers in Malacca Malaysia


I selected a small portion from each of the dishes, uncertain as to what I was eating at times, grateful for the kindness of our host. Eid al-Fitr reminded me of Thanksgiving celebration in the USA and Canada. The emphasis is on sharing a meal with friends and family.


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