Roman Ruins in Jerash Jordan

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I visited Jordan in 2000 and this photo of the Roman Ruins in Jerash is one of the few taken with my first digital camera. Jordan  has a rich history, the country is a wonderful mix of ancient and modern.

Before I visited Jordan I didn’t know much about the country. Not many people visited for vacation. Considering the vast number of historical and archaeological sites in the area it is a great choice for learning more about the Middle East by visiting the region.

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Historical sites near Amman Jordan

  • Jerash is a city north of Amman and contains the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy.
  • Roman Theatre in Amman is a 6,000 seat, 2nd century theatre that
  • South of Amman is Karak Castle built by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Al-Maghtas) UNESCO World Heritage Site where religious scholars believe Jesus was baptized.
  • Madaba with it’s ancient mosaics, including a 6th century map of the Holy Land on the floor of St George’s Church.
  • Mount Nebo is the site where Moses was shown the promised land.
  • Petra is only a 3-hour drive from Amman, it’s the most famous UNESCO site in Jordan


Blue sky behind Roman ruins - Jerash, Jordan

Roman ruins in Jerash Jordan


The official name of Jordan is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. My plane landed in the capital, Amman, the most populous city in Jordan.

After spending a week exploring Amman with my boyfriend we rented a car and drove to Petra for a few days. Amman to Petra is a great road trip and it only takes three to four hours depending on which route you take.

Petra is now the most famous of Jordan’s ancient sites. The city carved into stone by the Nabateans is now a key tourist attraction in Jordan.

While I’m certain my photos will be much improved when I visit Jordan again I am happy I took the opportunity to visit the country back in 2000.

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