Road Trip from Austin to Fort Worth – Visit to The Modern Art Museum

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It was the Kimbell Art Museum’s exhibit the Age of Picasso & Matisse: Modern Masters from the Art Institute of Chicago  that enticed me to make a road trip to Fort Worth this past weekend.  For several years I heard from friends and acquaintances that Fort Worth was home to many renowned art museums and they urged me to go see for myself.

Since moving to Austin in 1999 I have traveled to 11 countries on 5 continents by myself, yet I didn’t make the 2 1/2 hour jaunt to Fort Worth? It’s the nearness that always causes me to say I will go but then never make a plan because I could go any old weekend. The problem is that without the plan I just never got around to visiting Fort Worth.

So I finally made the plan to take a road trip to Fort Worth.


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth sculpture by Anselm Kiefer entitled Book with Wings

Book with Wings by Anselm Kiefer


2014 is my year to see more of my own backyard here in Texas. With well maintained highways and plenty of diversity in cities, small towns, and the beauty of nature to explore  there is every reason for me to get better acquainted with the Lone Star State.

Road Trip #1 to Fort Worth took place from January 23rd – 26th and I was lucky to leave the day before Austin experienced one of its rare snowfalls complete with icy roads and plenty of car wrecks.

Austin to Fort Worth road trip

Deciding to take the side roads and not Interstate 35 which is normally the fastest route, I didn’t feel like dealing with traffic. And I prefer to see more countryside and less construction when I’m driving. I input my destination into Google maps and checked the box to avoid highways and printed off the list of directions. Also, I printed a couple of Google maps of the Cultural District neighborhood where I booked my room.

I found my garage apartment on and it was a bargain at $60 per night. In addition host provided a French press and a jar of fresh ground dark roast coffee along with all the fixings. She also provided breakfast cereals, fruit, muffins, and fresh pecans from her own pecan trees. A very warm welcome and advice on areas of interest and events around town were much appreciated.

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Ben Shahn - Allegory

Allegory by Ben Shahn


Visiting the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth

Arriving early in the afternoon I moved into my new abode and my host handed me a pass to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth so I made use of it immediately. Less than 2 miles away I was able to spend over 2 hours enjoying The Modern with works by Donald Judd, Andy Warhol, David Bates, Adolph Gottlieb, and Mark Rothko, among many others.

The highlight for me was the site specific installation Kind of Blue by Jenny Holzer, acquired on the museum’s 10th anniversary in December 2012. It consists of nine rows of track displaying a 12 hour loop of text in various languages illuminated in blue LED running from the wall to the window with the reflections floating out the window and onto the water outside. Mesmerizing.


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth - Kind of Blue by Jenny Holzer

Kind of Blue by Jenny Holzer


I could have watched for hours! And it would take a full 12 hours to view the entire collection of text floating across the floor. The loop begins at 9:00 AM and runs through to midnight.

More information is available on the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s website


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