Mountain Modern Motel Review – Jackson Hole WY

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Since I read so many reviews before I book a hotel room I figured I should help others out and write my own Mountain Modern Motel review. Looking for places to stay during my road trip from Lafayette Louisiana to Calgary Alberta, I choose to stay in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

I booked 4 nights at the Mountain Modern Motel in Jackson WY historical downtown district so I would be close to both Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. When I started planning a trip to Yellowstone I had no idea where I wanted to stay but I knew I wanted to be near the mountains.


Mountain Modern Motel review - Jackson Hole Wyoming


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Mountain Modern Motel review Jackson WY

We stayed in motels when I was a kid and traveled from Calgary to BC every summer. It didn’t occur to me to search for motels in Jackson Hole Wyoming but Mountain Modern Motel is not your average motel. I have a thing for modern design. I love minimalist design style. It’s soothing and pleasing to be around, so long as it’s functional. I guess that’s partly why I found Mountain Modern Motel so appealing.


There are a few things I look for when selecting a place to stay during my travels. Location is important to me. I’ll choose the location based on my needs, whether I want a walking neighborhood, to be surrounded by nature, etc.

The other main things that are important to me when choosing my accommodation are comfort, cleanliness, security, and price. Having stayed at many Airbnb locations during the past 3 years, and occasional stays in hostels, I am happy to stay in a comfortable boutique hotel when I have the opportunity.

So let’s get to my review of the Mountain Modern Motel in Jackson Hole Wyoming where I spent 4 nights in late May 2018.


Booking a room at Mountain Modern Motel Jackson Hole Wyoming

I wanted lodging close to both Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, so I searched on for the best hotels in Jackson Hole and found Mountain Modern Motel (formerly the Painted Buffalo Inn). It wasn’t the first place I looked at as a possible place to stay around Yellowstone, but it was in my price range.

Hotel rooms near Yellowstone and Teton are expensive in the summer. High season is basically June through August. It’s advisable to book your lodging far in advance if possible.

How much did you pay?

I paid a total of $770.43 for 4 nights at Mountain Modern Motel during Memorial Day long weekend. The price included 8% tax and  a $5 per night resort fee. The room is listed as Deluxe Double Queen Room.


Mountain Modern Motel review - bed and leather chair


Booking your vacation during shoulder season, that is the short slice of time in-between high season and low season, when the weather is still pleasant will save you money on your hotel room. I managed to book just before the high season prices in Jackson Hole Wyoming.





Mountain Modern Hotel in central Jackson WY looked great on the website. I loved the chic design and the location suited my needs. I figured it would be nice to stay at a hotel walking distance to restaurants, bars, grocery store, shops, etc.

Let’s have a look at how well the Mountain Modern Motel suited my needs. I hope this review helps you to decide whether or not the Mountain Modern Motel would be a good lodging selection for your stay in Jackson Wyoming.


Mountain Modern Motel review - common area

Mountain Modern Motel review – common area


Location of Mountain Modern Motel

Located at 380 W Broadway in Jackson WY, Mountain Modern Motel location is great, central Jackson Wyoming, close to the town square. If you traveling to Jackson for skiing or snowboarding there is a ski shuttle at Mountain Modern Motel.

As a solo traveler it’s important for me to feel safe and secure wherever I stay and the Mountain Modern Motel felt like home to me.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby. The newly reopened Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a 5-minute walk.

Beer and wine is available at Bin22 a block away. Although, when I asked the front desk staff where’s the closest place to buy beer, they sent me off in the wrong direction to a grocery store. Luckily it started raining, so I turned around seeking shelter at a restaurant and voila! I discovered the fabulous Bin22 restaurant, wine, and beer store just two blocks east of Mountain Modern Motel.



Antler arch in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Made from elk antlers, there are 4 arches at the town square in Jackson

Antler arch at the town square in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Plenty of shops walking distance from Mountain Modern Motel for souvenir shopping, gear shopping, or camera shopping. When my Sony a-6000 camera decided to quit working, I walked a few blocks to the Wyoming Camera Outfitters store and bought a point and shoot camera.



Mountain Modern Motel review - breakfast area

Mountain Modern Motel review – coffee and breakfast area in the lobby


Breakfast and snacks at Mountain Modern Motel

While the Mountain Modern Motel in downtown Jackson Hole isn’t a bed and breakfast hotel you can purchase a light breakfast and snacks at the coffee counter in the lobby area.

I tried the bacon biscuit and it was some sort of round but not Canadian style bacon, it tasted all right, but I don’t know what kind of faux-bacon I ate. You must tell them if you don’t want the egg and cheese with your biscuit. When I ordered a bacon biscuit I didn’t think they would add the other stuff, but they did, so tell them all the things you do or don’t want on your biscuit.

Cost for bacon biscuit and a medium Americano coffee was $6.50

There are snacks and drinks available at the lobby kitchen counter so you can stock up before you head out on day trips near Jackson Hole.


Mountain Modern Motel review - kitchenette

Mountain Modern Motel review – kitchenette


Kitchenette at Mountain Modern Motel

There is a kitchenette with small refrigerator, microwave, coffee cups, glasses, wine opener, bottle opener, ice bucket, and a Keurig coffeemaker. There are no plates, bowls, or utensils. I liked the stainless steel counter top in the kitchenette area.

Remember to change the fridge to a cooler setting if you want your beer to stay nice and cold. Most hotels leave the setting at a not so very cold setting and I find it’s not cold enough for my beer.

Every bit of my room at Mountain Modern Motel seemed spotlessly clean. All the lights and electrical outlets worked fine.


Mountain Modern Motel review - kitchen area

Mountain Modern Motel review – kitchen area



Shower water temperature fluctuated greatly. When I turned on the faucet in the bathtub the temperature remained stable but as soon as I switched on the shower head the temperature changed from hot to cold and back to hot, repeating this scenario throughout my shower. On the first 2 nights I enjoyed a lovely hot bath, so I didn’t notice any problem. It was only on the subsequent days that I had hot-cold-hot showers. I spoke to the front desk staff when I checked out of Mountain Modern and they stated maintenance staff were looking into this issue.

Tall people will appreciate the shower head is located approximately 7 feet up, so they don’t have to crouch down to wash their hair. Short people cannot reach the shower head if they are inclined to try to change the water flow, just rely on the previous guest’s water flow choice. The water pressure is kind of weak, which is strange because the shower faucet pressure is strong.

The heater in the bathroom will be useful if you are visiting Jackson in the winter.

Blow dryer is 1875 watts, so it’s plenty of power even for long thick hair. Not that I have long thick hair, but even with my not-so-thick and not-so-long hair I appreciate a decent blow dryer in the hotel room.


Gear and luggage storage

Gear storage space – plenty of it, on top of the clothing rack you could put loads of stuff. There are 3 heavy hooks in the gear storage area as well. You can bring your skiing and snowboarding gear into the hotel room. There is a clothing rack with a few hangers. I always bring my own hangers because hotels think you only need 6 pieces of clothing hanging up.


Mountain Modern Motel review - gear and clothing space

Mountain Modern Motel review – gear and clothing space


Sleeping comfort and noise level

Comfortable bed and bedding but the mattress is not firm, it’s one of those beds that you sink into and I’m not crazy about, but I slept well so I guess I am okay with a soft mattress.

Window coverings are stylish and functional. There are two window blinds, one that is a dark screen, people outside could see in but only if they are right in front of the window. The other cloth blind blocks out all the light.

Book an upstairs room if you are sound-sensitive. According to the front desk staff (and reviewers online) the old building does not have great sound barrier between floors. I was told by the desk staff to take an upstairs room if I wanted a quieter room. I also travel with a small fan to create white noise and drown out sounds.


Mountain Modern Motel review - beds with bison photo in background

Mountain Modern Motel review – central Jackson Hole Wyoming

Early check-in and late check-out

Early check-in allowed, provided a room is ready. I arrived at Mountain Modern at 1:30 pm and checked in right away. You can also ask for late check-out. I didn’t need late check-out since I was driving 8 hours to Glacier National Park when I left Jackson WY.



Parking is limited, and you may not be able to park near your room. This can be a hassle if you have tons of gear or luggage to carry to your room. There is overflow parking in the adjacent property, but they didn’t mention this to me when I checked in.


Swimming Pool

There is a decent size swimming pool which seemed to be a big hit with kids and their parents. If you are traveling with children a hotel swimming pool may be a priority. There are windows on two of the walls in the swimming so there is a lot of natural light.


Mountain Modern Motel review - swimming pool - Jackson Hole Wyoming

Mountain Modern Motel review – swimming pool – Jackson Hole Wyoming

Wi-Fi  and USB charging stations

Mountain Modern rooms have plenty of extra electrical outlets and a couple of USB chargers on the night table.

Wi-Fi internet was spotty but I kind of expected that in this area, especially during a busy long weekend. In the evenings when most people were at the hotel the Wi-Fi barely worked or could not connect.

Overnight my emails always came through and sometimes early in the morning I could get decent internet connection. It wasn’t crucial to me to have great Wi-Fi as I already downloaded off-line maps from Google so I could navigate without any internet.


Mountain Modern Motel review summary


  1. Location is great – central Jackson WY
  2. Gear storage space is plentiful
  3. Pleasing/functional modern decor


  1. Limited parking
  2. Noise on lower floors
  3. Shower water temperature fluctuations (temporary issue?)

Would I stay at Mountain Modern Motel again?

Would I recommend this hotel to my friends visiting Jackson WY? I can’t say it’s one of best hotels in Jackson Hole Wyoming, but it’s also not the most expensive hotel in Jackson. Yes, I would recommend Mountain Modern Motel and I would stay again.

Still trying to find where to stay in Jackson Hole? You can find all the best places to stay in Jackson Hole Wyoming on where you can compare prices and amenities, see photos of the lodging, and read guest reviews.

Enjoy your travels!


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