Urgup Turkey – Historic Town – Tourist Center to Cappadocia

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Urgup is a town in Central Turkey that I visited in 2009 with a Turkish friend I had met the previous year on my first solo visit to Istanbul. Mehmet worked in the tourism industry so he made all the arrangements for a two-day tour of Cappadocia with our base in Urgup.


Cappadocia Turkey - Central Anatolia region - near the town of Urgup

Lava formed landscape of Cappadocia Turkey – short drive from Urgup


Although solo travel is my preference and I enjoy the process of planning my trips I must admit I enjoyed having someone else take care of all the travel arrangements for this weekend getaway from Istanbul.


Location signs in Urgup - Central Anatolia region of Turkey

Location signs in Urgup


We arranged to spend one extra day in Urgup so that we could explore the town at a relaxed pace after the two days of organized tours in Cappadocia – which were amazing! I definitely plan to return to Urgup and the Cappadocia region to spend more time exploring and hiking the area.


Relax on the terrace of Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel - Urgup Turkey - Central Anatolia region

Relaxing on the terrace at Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel


The Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel is in central Urgup so it’s a nice walk to the central plaza. Walking around the nearby streets I saw many beautiful doors with such character. I often enjoy taking photos of doors and other architectural features when I’m traveling.


Door handle in Urgup, Turkey

Door handle in Urgup, Turkey


Plaza in Central Urgup - town in Central Anatolia Turkey - tourist center to Cappadocia

Plaza in central Urgup


Urgup is located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey and this is wine country. We stopped by Mahzen Sarap Evi – a little wine shop where a joyful woman showed us around the shop.


Mahzen Sarap Evi wine shop in the town of Urgup

Urgup wine shop Mahzen Sarap Evi


The wine merchant had a great sense of humor as you can see in the photo below – Mehmet is about to drink her collector’s vintage wine and she’s pretending to bop him on the head with a bottle of wine.


Wine merchant with a joyful personality and sense of humor at Mahzen Sarap Evi wine shop in Urgup

Mehmet and wine merchant joking around – Mahzen Sarap Evi


I could see Temmeni hilltop from the Dedeli Hotel and we later walked to the top. The tomb of Aslan Gazi is located atop the hill. There is an information sheet by the Cappadocia Buyukakten Cultural Center at the tomb which reads in part:

Although 586 years passed, People of Ürgüp did not forget Aslan Gazi, who became a martyr because of his ideals for the independence of Seljuk Empire against the Mongolians. To the memory of him a tomb was built by the help of Kayseri Mayor Vecihi Pasa in 1852.

The word “Temenni” given to the hill where you are now means “sacred area, sacrificial area or pray land” in the Sumerian, that gives an idea about the age of the place.


Tomb of Aslan Gazi is on a hilltop overlooking Urgup

Tomb of Aslan Gazi – on a hilltop overlooking Urgup


Atop Temmeni hill there is also a beautiful flower garden – we spotted several hummingbird moths collecting nectar from the vibrant blooms.


Beautiful flowers and hummingbird moth at Temmeni Hill in Urgup - Central Anatolia Turkey

Beautiful flowers and hummingbird moth at Temmeni Hill in Urgup


After walking around we stopped for lunch and also enjoyed a lovely surprise – foot massage! For only one Turkish lira I enjoyed a fabulous two-minute massage at the sidewalk massage machine – it was cool and I wish they had these magical massage machines in every city.


Foot massage in Urgup Turkey - a nice surprise after wandering Cappadocia for two days

Enjoying a foot massage in Urgup Turkey


Another cute surprise was the little kitten that visited us each morning at the Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel on the terrace. So adorable!


Kitten of Dedeli Hotel in Urgup - tourist center to Cappadocia in Central Anatolia Region

Adorable kitten at Dedeli Cave Hotel in Urgup Turkey


We enjoyed breakfast on the terrace in the morning at Dedeli Hotel as well as a fabulous lunch buffet on our second day of touring around Cappadocia.

Staying in the town of Urgup I walked the neighborhood in the mornings and viewed a gallery of beautiful doors. When I notice a distinct character I enjoy photographing architectural features of a city or town. For instance when I walked around La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City I enjoyed seeing the art deco features.

Cappadocia and the Goreme National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are intriguing places to see both for the geological formations and the historical features. Touring the ancient underground cities and staying in a cave hotel are a unique experience.

Countries with a long history such as Turkey provide a better chance of seeing interesting architectural styles. Curved doorways offer more interesting design appeal compared to the sharp right angles of most modern doors. Perhaps they didn’t worry so much about the budget and cutting costs like builders nowadays.

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Turquoise door in Ürgüp Turkey

Turquoise door in Urgup Turkey in the Cappadocia region


Old doors in Ürgüp Turkey

Renovated doors in Urgup Turkey in the Cappadocia region


Detail of door in Ürgüp Turkey

Detail of old wooden door in Urgup Turkey in the Cappadocia region


Door handle in Ürgüp, Turkey

Door handle on a worn out and aged wooden door in Urgup Turkey


Door to my cave hotel room at the Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel in Urgup, Turke

Door to cave hotel room at the Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel in Urgup Turkey


Doors of Sacred House boutique hotel in Ürgüp, Turkey

Doors of Sacred House boutique hotel in Urgup Turkey in the Cappadocia region


Doors in Ürgüp, Turkey

Doors painted green in the town of Urgup Turkey in the Cappadocia region


Whenever I travel I notice beautiful architectural features like doors, windows. and gargoyles on old buildings. Since I enjoy walking in order to explore new places I often seek out neighborhoods with older buildings so I can photograph the doors or windows.

Staying in Urgup to visit Cappadocia I enjoyed getting out to stroll around the streets by the cave hotel. Visiting in October the weather is cooler but pleasant, fall is a perfect time to visit Urgup and explore the town.

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I have fond memories of visiting Urgup and I look forward to returning again to explore the area and hike around Cappadocia.

What travel destination would you love to return to again?

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  1. Reader Wil says:

    Lovely photos and interesting stories. My favourite travel destination will always be Norway, any place in Norway will do! I have seen New Zealand and especially the South Island reminded me of Norway. Only Norway is older, it has a history which goes back to before our era, while NZ can only show a history from about 900 AD when the Maoris arrived. There are no human traces before that time.
    Great Britain is also a country I will choose for my travels.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

    • Hi Wil, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I haven’t been to Norway but I know I will love it – the hiking is sure to be outstanding! I must admit to being quite ignorant of Norway’s history – I shall have to remedy that!

      I have a friend in Norway – that I met on this trip to Turkey actually – and I would love to go visit with her in Oslo and travel around Norway. – must make a plan!

      Turkey is a country I plan to explore more – it is fascinating and the people are very welcoming.

  2. Your trips always seem so fascinating.
    Beautiful pictures of a place I would love to visit too.
    Where would I like to go back to??
    Oh my, so many places.
    But the best would be Kenya. My heart is really there with the Maasai people.
    I would also love to return to Israel….well I could go on and on.
    Thanks for sharing your trips with us.

    • Thank you for stopping by! Like you my list of places I would like to return to is long. Both Kenya and Israel are places I have yet to visit – I have only read other peoples travel stories – looking forward to getting there one day. The list of places to visit keeps growing!

  3. Rajesh says:

    Wonderful historical trip. There is lot to see.

  4. Leslie says:

    Wow! I never would have thought that Turkey would be so beautiful. I love reading your posts about your trips and seeing your photos – I love to travel, but unfortunately, it seems that other things take precedence for the $$$. If I could return to one place I’ve visited already, it would be Wales – I really would love to see the coastline and go to the north to see where my paternal grandmother was born – Llandudno – apparently it’s quite the seaside resort town now!


    • Yes, Turkey is absolutely beautiful! I’ve only seen a small bit of it so far but plan to go back to explore more of the country – I could spend months there!

      I’ve only seen photos of Wales – the coastline is gorgeous and the hiking around Wales and the UK in general looks to be idyllic. Hope you get back to Wales and Llandudno!

  5. ellen b says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m always impressed with your travels and how adventurous you are. We are looking forward to returning to England this summer just hubby and I this time around.

    • Hi Ellen! I do have a bad case of the wanderlust and never-ending curiosity of other cultures and places. England will be wonderful in the summer – hope you and hubby have a grand time!!

  6. Relaxed, indeed. as the shopkeeper will be if that bottle hits him!


  7. Diane Westwell says:

    HI Susan, we’ve been to Urgup and Cappadocia, fascinating places, Cappadocia reminds me of a space odyssey.. We’ve travelled widely around Turkey it is a most beautiful country.
    Konya is a fascinating place with the museum that holds the world’s smallest Koran. The most spectacular site I think is Ephesus, don’t know if you’ve been there but well worth a visit!

    Best wishes,

    • The landscape around Cappadocia region is other worldly – I have dreams about it. I haven’t been to Ephesus – need to go though as so many people have recommended it to me! Konya as well. Turkey is full of fascinating places to see! Thanks for your recommendations Di and thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Amit Agarwal says:

    Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyed :) Thank you Susan!

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