Pyramid Island at Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park

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One of the most beautiful places in Jasper National Park is Pyramid Lake and the little Pyramid Island. Both have wonderful views of Pyramid Mountain. When the lake is calm you get to see extraordinary reflections in the water. I’ve hiked, kayaked, relaxed on the beach, and watched the sunset from Pyramid Lake Jasper.

Jasper Alberta is on many bucket lists and with good reason. Getting to Jasper usually involves driving the scenic Icefields Parkway from Banff/Lake Louise. Once you arrive in Jasper you notice the relaxed vibe and serene beauty of this Rocky Mountain town. Explore things to do in Jasper here.

Pyramid Lake Pyramid Island and Pyramid Mountain Jasper AB

Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Island, and Pyramid Mountain make a beautiful scene in Jasper Alberta

Pyramid Mountain summit is 2,763 m (8,770 ft) above sea level while Pyramid Island is 1,179 m (3,868 ft).

Carved by glaciers, Pyramid Mountain is mostly gog quartzite but iron pyrite (fool’s gold) is also present and adds some of the pretty pink and coral color to the mountain.

Pyramid Mountain at Pyramid Lake Jasper AB

Formed by glaciers, Pyramid mountain is primarily gog quartzite while iron pyrite (fool’s gold) adds some beautiful color

Getting to Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Island

Jasper to Pyramid Lake is only 6 km (3.5 miles) so you can hike or bike there and enjoy more time outdoors. You can take the trail from Jasper Activity Center parking lot on Bonhomme St near Pyramid Lake Road.

Driving from downtown Jasper take Hwy 16A (Connaught Road) north
Turn left on Pyramid Lake Road and follow it to the lake.

Once you get to the lake you can turn left onto Pyramid Beach Road to go to the small beach or turn right and you’ll see the Pines Restaurant and the Pyramid Lake Resort on the righthand side.

Wooden foot bridge leads to Pyramid Island Jasper Alberta

Walk the wooden bridge across Pyramid Lake to Pyramid Island in Jasper

Pyramid Island is a short 1.5 km (1 mile) further down Pyramid Lake Road, watch for the parking lot on the left. Parking is limited so try to plan your visit when it’s not too busy – either early in the morning or later in the evening around dusk.

Pyramid Lake Parking

There are a few places to park at Pyramid Lake, but the largest parking lot is by the resort. In addition, there is a small parking lot at the end of Pyramid Beach Road and another small parking lot close to Pyramid Island bridge.

Pyramid Island map and info

Pyramid Island map and info

Things to do at Pyramid Lake

There is no shortage of outdoor activities at Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Island.

Kayaking at Pyramid Lake on a beautiful summer day in Jasper

Kayaking Canoeing Paddling and Boating

Kayaking at Pyramid Lake is fun! I went with my sister a couple of years ago and we kayaked all around the lake. We stopped at the other beach, across the lake, that you can only access from the water. Read my post about about kayaking in Jasper to get more details on kayak rentals. We found a cheaper option than renting from Pyramid Lake marina.

You can rent a kayak, canoe, paddle boat, or rowboat at the Pyramid Lake docks.

Boat Rentals Pyramid Lake Resort

  • Canoe $40 per hour
  • Kayak $40 per hour
  • Rowboat $40 per hour
  • Paddle boat $45 per hour
  • Electric cruiser boat $109 per hour

Also consider visiting Maligne Lake and Medicine Lake, you can go paddling at these beautiful lakes in Jasper too.

Pyramid Island at Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park

Pyramid Island at Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park

Hiking at Pyramid Lake

You can either hike to the lake from the town of Jasper or you can park at Pyramid Lake and start your hike there.

Pyramid Lake Loop Trail

Distance: 5.6 km (3.5 miles)
Elevation Gain: 203 m (666 ft)
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: Allow 2 – 3 hours
Highlights: Beautiful panoramic views of lakes, Rocky Mountains, and Jasper townsite

Info board with mountain peak names sits in front of the view of Pyramid Lake and the mountains

Serene beauty of the Rocky Mountains create the backdrop to Pyramid Lake

The trail gets muddy in spring and after any precipitation so it’s best to wear waterproof hiking shoes or at least wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Since the trail is also used by bikers and horseback riding it gets extra messy sometimes. Although when I hiked in mid-June the trail was in good shape.

The hiking trails in Jasper are numbered and you can view a list of Jasper hikes here.

Reflection of puffy white clouds at Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park Canada

Reflections of the sky on the mirror-like Pyramid Lake in Jasper

Mountain Biking

Bring your own bike or rent one from the resort for $20 per hour. Bike the trails near Pyramid Lake and explore more of Jasper National Park hiking and biking trails.

Pyramid Lake picnic area Jasper

A log bench and picnic table next to the historic shelter on Pyramid Island

Pyramid Island

Have a picnic on Pyramid Island and enjoy outstanding views of Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain. When I visited near sunset one night the calm water made for spectacular reflections of the mountains.

If you go at dusk remember to bring bug spray!

The rustic shelter on Pyramid Island, built by workers in the federal relief program during the Great Depression, is recognized as a Federal Heritage Building. The shelter was constructed in 1933.

Rustic shelter at Pyramid Lake builit in 1933

This rustic shelter built in 1933 is recognized as a federal heritage building

Winter Activities at Pyramid Lake

Since the lakes freezes over in the wintertime you can have fun skating, cross-country skiing, take a fat-tire bike for a spin in the snow, or go snowshoeing at Pyramid Lake. You can even go for a sleigh ride!

Ice Skating or Snowshoeing Rentals

You can rent gear from Pyramid Lake Resort

$10 per hour
$30 per half day

Fat-Tire Bike Rentals

$18 per hour
$30 per half day

Bridge across Pyramid Lake to Pyramid Island


Whether you spend one day in Jasper or several days, put Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Island on your bucketlist!


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How to Visit Pyramid Island Jasper National Park Alberta Canada

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    • Thanks Jo! I think you would enjoy Jasper! It’s one of my favorite places to escape to nature, lots of fun stuff to do outdoors with all the gorgeous lakes and mountains. Cheers, Susan

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