Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico Relaxing Beach Resort Town

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Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico is almost due south from Austin, Texas. It’s a resort town situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. I visited Huatulco in 2000 and remember it as a very laid back place. Much different than my solo trip to Mexico City.

Population of Huatulco Mexico

The population of Huatulco is around 50,000 people versus Mexico City which is almost 9 million people.

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Beach - Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico

Huatulco Beach – Pacific Coast


Tropical climate in Huatulco

The bougainvillea grow to massive size in Huatulco and bloom profusely. The colors of the bougainvillea are often vibrant shades of pink and purple but I also noticed coral colored blooms.


Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico Bougainvillea


Most properties in Huatulco have lush gardens full of tropical fruits, such as this little pineapple tree (see below) already producing fruit. Plants grow very fast in the tropical climate of southern Mexico’s coastal region.


Pineapple fruit

Pineapple plant in Huatulco Mexico garden


Outdoor living areas are very common in Huatulco, usually with an open sided thatched roof to offer protection from the sun or rain. The thatched roof is called a palapa.


Palapa - Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico

Palapa – thatched roof over the outdoor living space in Huatulco


I spotted this little turtle on one of my walks in Huatulco.


Turtle - Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico

Turtle in Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico


La Crucecita church in Huatulco

The town of La Crucecita is a popular attraction to many Catholics who visit the church in the center of town.


La Crucecita church with 20 meter mural of the Virgen de Guadalupe

La Crucecita church with 20 meter mural of the Virgen de Guadalupe


On the ceiling of the church is a 20 meter mural of the Virgen de Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe) the patron saint of Mexico.


Huatulco - La Virgen de Guadalupe mural

La Virgen de Guadalupe mural in La Crucecita


Translated into English, La Crucecita means ‘the small cross’ and you will see the crosses depicted in the mural at the church.


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Huatulco - La Crucecita - mural detail

La Crucecita – mural detail


Sunsets in Huatulco are beautiful and add to the beauty of this relaxing resort town in the Oaxaca Mexico on the Pacific Coast.


Sunset in Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico

Sunset in Huatulco Mexico


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  1. It looks like a lovely place to just relax. thanks for sharing your travel adventures with us.

  2. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous place! Love the bougainvillea! So colourful.


  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics :)
    Beautiful & colorful

  4. ellen b says:

    Looks like a relaxing place to visit and enjoy…

  5. Margy says:

    We took a wonderful trip by airplane from Los Angeles to Cancun. Unfortunately due to my teaching schedule, it had to be in the summer. Very humid, but we still enjoyed seeing so many wonderful cities. – Margy

    • There are some wonderful ruins near Cancun, I visited many years ago. Would love to go back and spend some time a little further south around Playa del Carmen.

  6. Pretty. And looks warm, which I would love…

  7. Joy says:

    A beautiful beach, bougainvillea and a cute turtle, sounds like heaven.

  8. Lotusleaf says:

    What a nice, peaceful place! And thanks for commenting on my post.

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