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Guest Post Guidelines

Solo Trips and Tips travel blog provides travel tips and advice that apply to all travelers, but particularly folks traveling alone. The more stories we share about solo travels the more we can empower others to get out and explore on their own.

If you travel solo and would like to share your unique experience with the readers of Solo Trips and Tips, please read the following information before you submit your fab guest post idea.

No sponsored posts accepted. If you are a business or represent a company do not submit requests for links. All sponsored post requests will be rejected.

Guest Posts for Solo Trips and Tips

There are a variety of topics on Solo Trips and Tips where you can share your unique voice. Here are some ideas to get you thinking but you may have your own wild and crazy story waiting to be told that doesn’t fit any of the categories, no problem please submit your best ideas to Solo Trips and Tips.

Suggested topics for guest posts are below but before you write your post please contact Solo Trips with your idea and you’ll receive a guest blogging form to fill out.

Solo trip report or round up

Write up a trip report with suggestions for activities, sightseeing, and top attractions, plus any off the beaten path things to do or unique travel experiences.  From day trips or weekend adventures to epic round the world tours. See a solo trip report example here.

You could also write a round up such as ” 10 Things to do in _____” or “Best places for dining solo in ____”. For an excellent example see this post on best solo travel spots.

City guide

Got a knack for writing up city guides to rival Lonely Planet? We’re looking for city guides particularly in Canada, USA, Europe, and South America. Here’s an example.

Hiking trips

These can be in the form of a hiking trail review, guided hiking tours, meeting up with long lost friends for a hiking adventure, or hiking trips that inspired or empowered you in some way. See examples of hiking posts here.

Canoeing – kayaking – diving – snorkeling

Share your favorite paddling adventure whether it’s an afternoon paddle on the river or multi-day sea kayaking adventure. Read about my cool experience kayaking Blue Rocks Nova Scotia.

Diving and Snorkeling: Perhaps you have a memorable snorkeling or diving experience to share. I completed the PADI open water diver course while in Koh Tao Thailand during my first solo backpacking trip. The underwater world is amazing!

Packing Lists

Do you have the perfect minimalist packing list? Share your packing expertise with your best tips for what to pack on a solo trip. How did you decide on what to bring? What did you bring but didn’t find useful? Anything your forgot or wished you brought? Include details about where you traveled to, how long you stayed, weather conditions, and any special activities you participated in during your travels, such as hiking or kayaking.

Solo road trips

Write up your solo road tripping adventure with the following info:

  • Starting point and ending point, or round trip
  • Total miles/km of trip
  • Itinerary including how many miles/km traveled each day along with highlights of places visited, activities, restaurants and bars, lodgings
  • Any suggestions for other activities and places of interest along the way
  • Provide personal anecdotes or reasons you chose the particular route
  • What was your budget? Did you have a budget? Did you blow the budget by a zillion dollars?

You can have look at my longest road trip adventure (so far) driving from Calgary to Nova Scotia.

Guest post requirements

  • Original content only
  • Minimum 1,000 words
  • If you’ve got photos great – include at least 5 pics resized to 720 px width.
  • Include your bio with social media links and your website
  • You may include up to 2 links within the post to relevant posts on your own blog for posts under 2,000 words. Posts over 2,000 words you may include up to 5 links within the post to relevant posts on your blog.
  • Include relevant links to businesses, historical info, etc. within your guest post

What guest writers receive

Guest writers will receive a personal bio included at the end of each post along with links to social media accounts and your website, and up to 2 links within the post for guest posts under 2,000 words. Guest posts with over 2,000 words may add up to 5 links within the post. If you are a commercial site don’t even bother contacting me about a guest post linking to your clients.

All guest posts will be shared and promoted on social network sites.

Post publishing share for the win

It’s important that we both share in the promotion of your quest post in order to reach a wider audience. We want a win-win situation with both parties reaping the benefits of your guest post. You will be notified with publication date in advance. Please share the post on all your social media channels and remember to include it on your writing portfolio.

Important information

Solo Trips and Tips will write an introduction to your guest post and may add additional info at the end of the post such as “what to bring”  or “tips for visiting” if it isn’t provided within the guest post.

Solo Trips and Tips will try to limit edits to your post but we reserve the right to make changes to fit the tone or voice of your post to suit our site.

Approval for affiliate links. By submitting your guest post you agree to allow Solo Trips and Tips to add affiliate links for related products and services.

Approval for other uses. By submitting your guest post you give Solo Trips and Tips the right to use the content for other purposes such as promoting via social media and other outlets.

Ready? Submit your guest post idea here.