Hiking Montserrat Spain Perfect Day Trip from Barcelona

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Breathtaking vistas abound while hiking Montserrat Spain and the Sant Jeroni Trail. During my solo trip to Barcelona I hiked around Montserrat trails one afternoon. Enjoying the outstanding views and rock formations so much I returned again to hike Sant Jeroni trail.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group Montserrat Barcelona is some of the best hiking in Spain.

You get to see beautiful panoramic views of Catalonia Spain as well as the Montserrat Monastery. Even if you don’t go inside the monastery it makes for a stunning view while on the cable car trip up and down the mountain. In springtime the wildflowers in Montserrat are also beautiful.

Great views along the Sant Jeroni trail at Montserrat - day trip from Barcelona - 48 kilometers

Amazing vistas along the Sant Jeroni trail at Montserrat

View of Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat - cable car or funicular up the Montserrat mountain

View of Montserrat Monastery

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Getting to Montserrat – Barcelona

You can easily get to Montserrat from Barcelona by bus, train, or car. If you like you can jump to the detailed instructions for traveling from Barcelona to Montserrat here.

To get to Montserrat from Barcelona by train it takes about one hour. See more information on options for how to get from Barcelona to Montserrat at the bottom of this post.

Before beginning your excursion to Montserrat be sure to check the train or bus schedules if you are taking public transportation to get there.

Consider the weather before you set out on your hiking trip and plan accordingly.

Getting around in Barcelona - trains are available for day trips such as Montserrat - cheap and convenient travel options for tourists

Map indicates stops on the train from Pl Espanya Barcelona station to Montserrat

Cable car or rack railway to Monastery of Montserrat

First you need to get from Barcelona to the rack train or the cable car station. Since these are not at the same location decide which one you want to take beforehand.

I took the cable car Aeri de Montserat to the Monastery but you could take the rack train Cremallera de Montserrat if you don’t like riding in cable cars.

Note that if you are taking the train from Barcelona get off at the Monistrol de Montserrat station to take the rack train (Cremallera de Montserrat) to the Montserrat Monastery. This is one stop after the Montserrat AERI station which is the one you want for the the Aeri de Montserat (cable car) to the Monastery of Montserrat.


Montserrat day trip from Barcelona - metro and Aeri (cable car) ticket from Pl Espanya

Barcelona to Montserrat day trip – metro cable car ticket

Cable car or funicular from Monastery to Montserrat

Plan to arrive early if you want to visit the Monastery of Montserrat and hike the mountain. Sundays are very busy for mass at the monastery.

Once you are ready to go up the mountain you will need to decide again if you want to take a cable car or take another funicular.

The views along the way to Montserrat Spain are extraordinary! Starting with the trip up the mountain in a cable car – offering a grand vista looking back down to the Monastery of Montserrat.

Alternatively you could take the Sant Joan Funicular from the Monastery to the top of Montserrat. If you are hiking or walking back down be sure to buy the one-way ticket and not the return ticket.

Aeri (cable car) up the mountain Montserrat Barcelona day trip

Aeri (cable car) up the mountain Montserrat Barcelona day trip


Apparently a lot of people get nervous about being in a cable car – that heavy cable car filled with people and all that weight hanging on one little cable. I love cable cars!



Hiking trail info for Montserrat Spain

Hiking trail info for Montserrat Spain

Hiking trails at Montserrat Spain

You will find a board with a map and list of all of the hiking trails at Montserrat Spain. There is also info for how long the Montserrat hikes take, amount of elevation gain, and difficulty rating.

Sant Jeroni is rated as an easy hike with an elevation gain of 525 meters (1,722 feet) and estimated time to complete is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Montserrat Sant Jeroni trail information is posted along the hiking trail - one hour train ride from Barcelona - great day trip

Montserrat hikes – Sant Jeroni trail information

View along Sant Jeroni trail while solo hiking Montserrat - best day trip from Barcelona

View along Sant Jeroni hiking trail at Montserrat

I enjoyed spectacular vistas all along the Sant Jeroni hiking trail. It’s an easy 1-hour 10-minute hike but took me 2 hours, stopping to take photos and enjoying the picturesque views of the Catalonia region.

Spectacular views along Sant Jeroni hiking trail at Montserrat - 1 hour train ride from Barcelona to the mountains

My inappropriate hiking footwear – and a grand view!

I meant to change my shoes before I left the apartment in central Barcelona but I forgot and so I wore rather inappropriate footwear for hiking! My favorite hiking shoes are by Ahnu and they are waterproof shoes.


Mountain climbers at Montserrat Sant Jeroni trail - popular mountaineering site 48 kilometers from Barcelona

Mountain climbers at Montserrat Sant Jeroni trail

I saw several climbers while hiking at Montserrat. It’s a popular location for mountain climbing and I would love to try it some day! I need to take a class and get some basic training first.

Rock climbing looks to be an exhilarating and challenging experience. For now I will enjoy hiking the trails.

Finally you will know that you are getting close to the Sant Jeroni summit when you see the flight of stairs shown below.

There are several sets of stairs on the Sant Jeroni hiking trail.

Chatting with some other hikers we surmised the stairs were put in place for stability – to keep the trail at the summit from crumbling from the thousands of hikers that visit Sant Jeroni trail every year.



Summit of Sant Jeroni Montserrat Spain

Hikers enjoy the panoramic vistas from Sant Jeroni summit at Montserrat - 48 kilometers from Barcelona Catalonia Spain

Enjoying the panoramic vistas from Sant Jeroni summit at Montserrat Spain hike

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the summit of Sant Jeroni hike while you enjoy panoramic views of Catalonia.

Hiking Spain - hikers at Sant Jeroni summit - Montserrat mountain

Fellow hikers enjoying a picnic lunch at the top of Sant Jeroni – Montserrat mountain

I highly recommend a trip to Montserrat for anyone visiting Barcelona. The panoramic views while hiking in Montserrat Spain are amazing!

It is a one-hour train ride from Pl Espanya metro station in Central Barcelona. More info on getting around in Barcelona here.

Great views along the Sant Jeroni trail at Montserrat - day trip from Barcelona - 48 kilometers

Amazing vistas along the Sant Jeroni trail at Montserrat

Mountains of Montserrat - perfect day trip from Barcelona

Hiking Montserrat Spain, great day trip from Barcelona

You can watch my youtube video of the Aeri de Montserrat cable car here

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona

Barcelona to Montserrat by bus

There is one direct daily bus to and from Montserrat, leaving from the bus station next to Estació Sants train station in Barcelona. You can find the exact times on the company’s website, AutoCars Julia.

Barcelona to Montserrat by train

  • From the Plaça Espanya train station, take the FGC’s R5 train to either Aeri de Montserrat or Monistrol de Montserrat.
  • Which stop to get off depends on whether you choose to take the cable car or the rack train to the mountain.
  • You can purchase combination tickets (called ToT Montserrat ticket) at the train station in Barcelona.

Barcelona to Montserrat by car

Maps, directions, and information on car rentals and parking can be found on this Montserrat Tourist Guide website.

Barcelona to Montserrat tour

Barcelona Guide Bureau has daily tours to Montserrat from Barcelona

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Hiking Montserrat Spain - best day trip from Barcelona - How to get to Montserrat - Hiking Sant Jeroni Trail - Summit Vistas of Catalonia

What is one of your favorite or most memorable hiking trips?

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  1. Richie says:

    Your beautiful photos make me want to VISIT.

  2. You know, that VALLEY where the building is located looks like a giant V!

  3. So breathtaking.
    I don’t think my knees could survive but I guess I can dream.

  4. Leslie says:

    OMG! If only I could hike up to see those vistas! I will have to be satisfied either looking at your photos or if I ever get there, look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy up!


  5. i’m looking forward to visiting montserrat, dunno if i’d hike thou’. prolly will just take the cable car :)

  6. ellen b says:

    People who put in the work are very fortunate to see vistas like these. Beautiful…

  7. Reader Wil says:

    It’s great to see your photos of places we will probably not able to visit! I admire you for your courage to hike and climb there. You are very enterprising!!
    Have a great week!

  8. Looks like the cable car ride and hike were all worth it. What amazing vistas you’re sharing with us. What an incredible spot for a monastery!

    • Yes totally worth it!! I recommend Montserrat to anyone visiting Barcelona – extraordinary views and a real nice way to spend a day. The monastery is beautiful as well – there is also a boys choir that sings there and I missed them this time but would love to go back and hear them sing.

  9. Margy says:

    Your vistas are much higher and more elaborate than mine. I am so lucky to live in a place where every hill or mountain gives me pleasure. – Margy

    • Hi Margy! You get to enjoy nature year round in your area – that’s a big plus! Every summer when the heat gets so intense here in Austin I start weighing the pros and cons of moving up to the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!

  10. Hazel says:

    Beautiful vistas. I’m planning to go to Dubai next year and if I stay longer, I may visit Europe as well. Will keep this in mind.

  11. Saira says:

    Amazing pics! My daughter and I are going in a couple of weeks. She’s 11. We’re in average shape and have been going on hour-long walks lately. Do you think she’ll be ok? Did you see any kids on the trail?

    • How exciting for you and your daughter! I did see a few kids along the trail and the beginning of the trail has gorgeous views so you could just hike out a half hour or so and then return. Keep in mind it will be much hotter weather now compared to when I was there in May so be sure to bring plenty of water and some snacks/lunch. I hope you and your daughter have an extraordinary time at Montserrat! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  12. Charlene says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve been looking around the Montserrat website, and lists has hikes under the ‘nature lovers’ section from 10-12 euros, but they don’t mention this hike. What was the cost for this trail, or was there a cost at all? It looks amazing.


    • Char, I did the hike on my own so there was no fee for the actual hike. The only costs would be the subway and the tram or cable car. Hope you enjoy Montserrat if you do go there, Sant Jeroni has magnificent views and it’s an enjoyable day trip from Barcelona.

  13. Jam says:

    Hi Susan! I am planning to do the hike also by myself. Thanks for the pictures and info! Very helpful. Although I want to ask if you bought the train and cable tickets online or in the station? I’m glad I found your site!

  14. Joaquin says:

    Hello Susan. I plan on driving from Girona to Monterarat for some solo hiking and site seeing. Do you think 2 night stay (1 1/2 day) too much time spent there? Thanks!

    • Hi Joaquin, You could easily visit Montserrat for hiking and sightseeing within a day trip and that is what I would recommend. Get an early start so you have a full day to spend there, and enjoy!

  15. Teresita Hedelund says:

    Hello Susan,
    I booked my flight in Barcelona Feb 2019. Just to visit the beautiful Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral. I will be there for 4 days only. I would like to visit Monserrat too,is it possible for a day trip by commuting? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Teresita, Yes definitely visit Montserrat as a day trip from Barcelona. It’s easy to get there by train. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of this post for getting to Montserrat. Let me know if you need more info. I used the metro in Barcelona, then train trip to Montserrat. You can also take a bus there but I really prefer train travel.

  16. Allison says:

    Heading here in a few weeks, and your post was SUPER helpful! Thank you!

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