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Travel Resources

Many of these travel items are the products that I use on my own excursions. While other travel gear and accessories have been carefully curated via suggestions made by my travel friends or picked from highly reviewed items.

Do you have everything you need for your travels? Maybe it is time to reward yourself?

Check out these great gift ideas for all your traveler friends and family.


Travel Clothing

Want travel pants that are durable, comfortable, and stylish?

The best travel pants are comfortable, durable, wrinkle-free, and stylish. Do you want something that looks great while walking around exploring a city or to go hiking? I love my prAna Halle pants. For guys, I suggest the Columbia line of men’s pants.


You need comfortable travel shoes for walking the city and hiking

Really, I hate shopping for footwear. My feet are wide, especially at the toe, and I have a high arch. It can be difficult to find a shoe that I can wear on the airplane, around town, and useful for hiking.

After much searching, I found the best travel shoes for me were the Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Shoe. I am surprised how much I wear these while walking around cities, not just for hiking.

I love the waterproof factor and these are so comfortable for my fat feet! They have a wider toe-box than other hiking shoes I have tried, such as Merrell. If you have a narrow foot, I do suggest you try the Merrell line of hiking shoes. Click here to shop Merrell men’s hiking shoes.


Do you have happy feet?

If you had some stylish wool socks you would have happy feet! I really like my Darn Tough brand socks which are made in Vermont USA. If you want quality socks made in the United States try these!

Click here to shop for Women’s Darn Tough brand wool socks

Looking for a great travel guy gift or stocking stuffer, check out Darn Tough socks for men.


Health and Beauty Travel Items

Exfoliate for soft silky skin

If you want an easy way to enjoy silky soft skin try exfoliating gloves. Super lightweight and they dry quickly too. My mom gave me a set years ago and I use them about once a week.


Natural unscented mineral salt deodorant 

Looking for something natural without harmful chemicals for my deodorant I chose the CRYSTAL brand mineral salt deodorant. I used to find this in a travel size at local shops during my travels around the USA but I’m not finding it this year.

Travel Electronics and Gadgets

Still carry my Belkin 3-outlet surge protector and 2 USB ports. I use it a lot in the older homes (that sometimes only have 2 outlets in the whole room) during my long-term road trip around the USA and Canada. A total bargain! I can plug in my Dell XPS and my Macbook Air at the same time I am charging up my LG Stylo 3 phone.

USB sticks are essential for backups. I have a 128 GB USB stick to backup my essential files on my laptop as a secondary backup for my Backblaze cloud backup. I also carry a few other sizes of flash drives. I like SanDisk flash drives because they are highly rated and affordable.

Tops on my list of travel electronics that are a must-have for my nomad travels is a portable external hard-drive for full backup of my laptops. I’ve heard really good things about the Seagate 2T backup plus slim so that is probably the one I will buy.


When it comes to reading I prefer to hold an actual book in my hands. But that is not practical when traveling with only a carry-on suitcase, as I will be again when I fly to Palm Springs and Calgary in December and back to Austin in January. That’s when I rely on my Kindle reader. I have an older version but the Kindle Paperwhite seems to be the e-reader of choice for many travelers these days.

A universal adapter is essential for overseas travel. I still have mine ready for when my nomad life takes me around the world in the coming years.

Last year I dropped my Canon Powershot point and shoot camera in a tide pool near Santa Barbara. I replaced it with a Sony a6000 mirrorless lens camera and I am happy with this camera. It is lightweight but I can also buy other lenses if I want to get more serious about my photography.


Travel Accessories

Which travel accessory have I owned the longest?

Before I set off on my first solo trip, backpacking around Southeast Asia for seven months my younger brother gave a Swiss Army knife. I used it plenty during my travels over the years.


It’s okay to get caught in the rain with a water-resistant backpack

The right size day backpack with several pockets for organizing is an essential travel accessory. Whether you are taking day trips around Paris or taking a day hike in the Pyrenees,  you want to bring a great little backpack for your travels.

Something lightweight and water-resistant like the ZOMAKE will serve you well and it’s available in several colors. When I pack, I often use my day backpack as an extra packing cube, rolling up my clothes and packing them into the day pack.


Do you want to sleep well during your travels?

I highly recommend a sleep mask eye cover so you can get to sleep comfortably. When you travel you are in unfamiliar surroundings. It can be difficult to get to sleep so that is why I always travel with an eye mask.

Also great when taking long-haul flights, get the sleep you need to avoid jet lag.


The key to comfort while flying

Try an inflatable travel neck pillow and you will be amazed at how much more rested you feel when you arrive at your destination! I recommend an inflatable neck pillow because it takes up less space but offers maximum comfort while getting your inflight sleep.


What is the best travel towel?

For years I have been using a microfiber travel towel. I also use my ultra-light microfiber towel when I go to the gym or swimming pool. These dry super fast and take up hardly any room in your suitcase or backpack. I find this is one of the best travel accessory purchases I ever made.


Have you tried packing cubes yet?

How do I travel with only a carry-on suitcase? Packing cubes are the best! These durable packing cubes help keep your stuff organized. Simply roll your clothes and place in the packing cube. Great for organizing all your electronics cords and accessories. Also makes unpacking a breeze!

This 5 Piece Packing Cube Set (1 Small, 2 Medium and 2 Large Cubes) is available in several colors.


City Maps for Popular Travel Destinations

How do you find your way around a new city? Using Google Maps on your phone is handy but sometimes it’s better to have an actual map that still works even when your phone battery goes dead! Maps are also a great affordable gift idea for the travelers on your holiday shopping list!

Paris laminated city map
London laminated city map
New York City laminated city map
San Francisco laminated city map
Berlin laminated city map
Tokyo laminated city map
Rome laminated city map
Florence laminated city map
Havana laminated city map
Madrid laminated city map
Barcelona laminated city map
Washington DC laminated city map
Amsterdam laminated city center map
Venice laminated city map
Lisbon laminated city map
Vancouver laminated city map
Boston laminated city map
Delhi laminated city map


Fun Maps for Travel People





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