Ajiaco Soup a Favorite of Bogota Colombia

In December I tasted this delicious ajiaco soup for the first time while traveling in Bogota Colombia.

Ajiaco is a delicious and hearty soup that makes a great meal especially on cold days. The finishing touch with ajiaco is a healthy dollop of cream swirling atop the soup which makes for an interesting appearance.

The taste of the soup is like homemade chicken soup but with some extra love.


Ajiaco soup in Bogota Colombia - try this tasty and popular soup of Bogota Colombia

Delicious ajiaco soup at La Puerta de la Tradicion in Bogota Colombia


Ajiaco soup ingredients

Ajiaco soup is a flavorful combination of chicken and guascas herb with vegetables including a small cob of corn, peppers, and three kinds of potatoes. The soup is topped with a healthy swirl of heavy cream.

Garnish includes rice, avocado and capers.

A very hearty soup and a must when you visit Bogota, Colombia.

Ajiaco soup is a delicious meal especially on a chilly day in Bogota. Fill you belly and enjoy walking around exploring the historical district. I highly recommend visiting the Museo de Botero in La Candelaria district where you can view many Botero’s Mona Lisa painting and many other art works by Colombia’s famous painter and sculptor.


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Enjoying the local food and art work is something I do in each destination I visit. I studied art for a year after finishing high school but I didn’t see myself making a living doing art so I switched to accounting. My passion for art remains. I can spend hours in art galleries, museums, and talking with local artists about their work.

Local folks are also a great source of information about where to eat and where to find the very best ajiaco soup. Someone recommended I visit La Puerta de la Tradicion for ajiaco soup. I loved the soup! I enjoyed a glass of mango juice with my meal.

During all of my solo travels there are certain places that stand out as favorites and Colombia is one of them. I first visited Cartagena in spring 2012. While in the line to attend a play I met a few local girls and we have been friends ever since. I visited Colombia again in December 2012 to see more of the country. Flying to Bogota and spending a few days there, where I met some incredible girls at the hostel, and we are still friends. I flew to Medellin to spend a week exploring the City of Eternal Spring, then flew to Cartagena to visit my friends and celebrate New Year’s.

Colombia is a great country for anyone traveling alone because Colombians are so friendly. I want to go back again and learn Spanish in Colombia.





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