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The Age of Picasso and Matisse – Modern Masters from the Art Institute of Chicago is the exhibit that motivated the timing of my road trip from Austin to Fort Worth. I purchased the $18 ticket online before leaving Austin because I have experienced long lineups at other museums in the past but the lines were moving quickly on Friday afternoon.

The exhibit included an outstanding collection of art work beyond Picasso and Matisse including Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Man Ray, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Yves Tanguy, Marc Chagall, Piet Mondrian, and George Braque who developed Cubism along with Picasso.

A few of my favorite paintings

  • Sunset – Paul Klee
  • Birth – Marc Chagall
  • The Old Guitarist – Pablo Picasso
  • Antwerp – Georges Braque
  • Visions of Eternity – Salvador Dalí
  • Inventions of the Monsters – Salvador Dalí
  • The Rapidity of Sleep – Yves Tanguy
  • Percolator – Man Ray
  • Eventuality of Destiny – Giorgio de Chirico

Each of these works stirred up an emotion or memory, some somber and others lighthearted amusement. Picasso’s The Old Guitarist brings on intense empathy for anyone who struggles to survive from day to day. On the other hand Man Ray’s percolator takes me back to my childhood and I hear the gurgling percolator on the kitchen counter, the aroma of brewing coffee is strong, it makes me smile.

No photography at the exhibit so no sneak previews here and besides these paintings must be experienced in person, there is no other way to fully appreciate these works of art.

Kimbell Art Museum – exhibit runs through February 16 or you can await the return of the collection to the Art Institute of Chicago which is an exceptional museum located in the heart of Chicago. Well worth a visit to the windy city!

Museums in the Cultural District of Fort Worth

Bass Performance Hall Grand Facade Angels

Bass Performance Hall Grand Facade Angels

I lunched on chicken & waffles at Button’s Food and Music for the Soul located on West Fwy less than a mile away from my rented apartment. The Belgian style waffles were delicious smothered with blueberry infused butter. The chicken was okay, one piece was nice and crispy but one could have used another minute in the fryer. Served with sweet potato pomme frites piled high on top of the chicken and collard greens on the side.

$14.07 for chicken & waffles + $3 tip. Total cost $17.07

I have no food porn photos due to my camera’s “memory card locked” error message and I was too dense to figure out how to fix it. Later google helped me out and I removed the memory card and moved the little “lock” on the side of the memory card a millimeter or two into the unlocked position. Voila! The chicken & waffles were a mighty pretty sight to see and you can view them on the Button’s website.

Returning to Button’s on Friday evening for some live music the place was packed by 8:30 when I arrived so I stood at the bar waiting to order a drink. I lucked out when a guy at the bar left an open seat right in front of me giving me a great view of the band and effortless beverage ordering.

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Cabernet while chatting with some regulars hanging out at the bar. This was a friendly crowd and I chatted with my bar stool neighbor who enjoyed a steady stream of admirers. Several people told me my hat was “cool” which is good because I wore it a lot in Fort Worth .

Overall Button’s was an enjoyable and affordable evening out listening to some R&B music and hanging out in the neighborhood. I could have walked to Button’s had it not been quite so chilly out and me being a bit wimpy in cold weather after so many years in Austin.

Cover $5 and 2 glasses wine $10.83 + $5 tip. Total cost $20.83

Jazz Clubs in Fort Worth

Haltom's on Main Street Fort Worth Texas

Haltom’s on Main Street

Saturday was back to spring weather with a beautiful sunny day so I spent the afternoon wandering around  the downtown and Near Southside neighborhoods. It was an easy drive from my little garage apartment in Arlington Heights to the Sundance Square garage on Calhoun & 4th. I was happy to find out parking is free on weekends. I always feel like I won something when I find free parking.

Downtown attractions

I stopped at the Corner Bakery Cafe for a tomato mozzarella sandwich and an old-fashioned lemonade to quench my thirst. It sustained me through the afternoon until I happened upon Schakolad on my way back to the parking garage. I just went inside for look and $18.50 later I left with my bag of dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt, peach slice covered in dark chocolate, and a couple of rum filled dark chocolates. I consider dark chocolate an essential.

95.9 The Ranch radio station sign

95.9 The Ranch radio station sign

I drove my endorphin filled brain down to Magnolia Street to the Near Southside community and walked around the neighborhood which is becoming the hip new spot with many restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs in the area. It was late afternoon so not too much going on. I noticed a bicycle stand and taking a closer look I found Fort Worth B-Cycle which is a very cool bike sharing program operated by a non-profit organization.

From the Fort Worth B-Cycle website:

Mission: To enhance our community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally-friendly bike share program that complements our existing public transportation system and provides both residents and visitors a healthy, convenient way to move around our city.

B-Cycle - bicycles on Magnolia Street

B-Cycle – bicycles on Magnolia Street

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