Poutine Quintessential Quebec Cuisine

While traveling around the world or at home I love to experience different cultures via the food. There are not too many foods that have their origin in Canada, where I grew up, but visiting Quebec I had the pleasure of tasting one of them. Poutine is quintessential Quebec cuisine.

Poutine consists of French fries and cheese curds with gravy on top. There is no clear consensus on who created the first dish of poutine but it seems to have been sometime in the 1950’s. There are countless variations, I have even heard of vegan poutine, but the classic poutine is fries, curds, gravy and that is it. A delicious serving of fat and carbohydrates. Not exactly the most healthy meal but I make exceptions to my healthy eating routine while traveling.

Try some poutine with beer – it is delicious! While in Quebec I suggest you try something from the local brewer Unibroue. My favorite is Blanche de Chambly but maybe you want to try something like the highly rated La Fin du Monde (The End of the World) with 9% ABV (alcohol by volume) which I have not yet sampled. Try it and let me know if you like it!

Poutine Quintessential Quebec Cuisine - French fries, cheese curds, topped with gravy

Poutine Quintessential Quebec Cuisine – goes great with beer

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal detailed one journalist’s attempt to find the best poutine in its birthplace of Quebec – On the Hunt for Quebec’s Best Poutine. Poutine has gained popularity south of the border with posh New York restaurants serving up their versions of poutine. I have seen several Austin restaurants add poutine to their menus recently. Perhaps I need to go on my own hunt for the best poutine here in Austin. I think I am up for the task!

How about you? Have you ever tried this quintessential Quebec cuisine – poutine?

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  1. Leslie says:

    OMG! Poutine is absolutely scrumptious, but I do have it very very rarely just because it’s pretty much empty calories that will transform into sugar that will then cause diabetes! LOL But DELISHUS!!!

  2. Roger Green says:

    Too long since I’ve been to Quebec!


  3. ellen b says:

    I’ll have to try this quintessential treat the next time I see it on a menu…

  4. Hi Susan,
    I’m afraid I couldn’t eat that, doesn’t tickle my quirky palate at all.
    I would love to visit Quebec though.

    Kind regards,

    Di. xx

    Abcw team.

  5. I still haven’t tried poutine. I’ve been to the Yukon and Toronto but it seems like more of a Quebec thing, so I’m holding out until I can make it there!

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