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15+ Awesome FUN Things to Do in Seattle in One Day

While on my solo road trip up in the Pacific Northwest I stayed in Port Townsend for a month, so I knew I wanted to spend at least one day in Seattle. I also had a free night available from my travel rewards credit card (use it or lose it) so I felt obligated to take a solo trip to Seattle.

Since it’s a 2-hour drive plus a ferry ride to Seattle from Port Townsend it made sense to do the overnight and then spend a whole day exploring Seattle on my own without feeling rushed.

Are you wondering what is there to do in Seattle by yourself? Tons of cool and fun stuff! This post of over 15 fun things to do in Seattle will help you plan your itinerary to the Emerald City.


Seattle skyline view from Washington Ferries trip across Elliott Bay

Seattle skyline view from Washington Ferries trip across Elliott Bay

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Seattle Washington in One Day

Washington state in the spring time is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t guarantee that it won’t rain, it is Seattle after all, but April through June is a lot less wet than the winter months in Seattle.

Your best chance to escape any rain is to go during July or August, but that’s also the busiest tourist season.

There’s so many cool things to do in Seattle – today I’m sharing some of the best with you so you can plan your own perfect day in Seattle.

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Downtown Seattle buildings and waterfront viewed from the Space Needle

Downtown Seattle buildings and waterfront viewed from the Space Needle


Where to Stay in Seattle

I stayed at the Hyatt at Olive 8 – named for its location at Olive and 8th Street. I loved the location, only 10 minutes walk to Pike Place Market and Seattle waterfront.

As a solo traveler I felt safe in this area and walked all around downtown Seattle.

Hyatt Olive 8 is eco-friendly and it was the first LEED certified hotel in Seattle. Featuring a modern design, farm to table dining, and an indoor swimming pool – nice if you have kids traveling with you.

I didn’t have time for a swim, I was too busy walking around and stuffing my face with crumpets and coffee (no, not Starbucks LOL) and delicious seafood.

Downtown is where you want to stay especially when you only have a day or two in Seattle – check out the latest deals for hotels in Seattle here.


Hotel room at the Hyatt Olive 8 in downtown Seattle.

Modern style hotel room at the Hyatt Olive 8 in downtown Seattle


Traveling to Seattle

There are non-stop flights to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) known as SeaTac, from dozens of cities in the United States and numerous international routes with nonstop flights to Seattle.

SeaTac is also the primary hub for Alaska Airlines.

SeaTac airport to downtown Seattle is about 15 miles – about a 20 minute drive.

All seven of the major cruise lines operate cruises from the Port of Seattle.

I drove from Port Townsend and took the ferry to Seattle from Bainbridge Washington.

The ferry terminal is in downtown Seattle so I only had a short drive to my hotel after the ferry trip. And I really enjoyed the ferry ride due to beautiful scenery along the way and the water was calm.

You get the greatest views of Seattle from the bay.

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Sailboats with Mount Rainier in the distance

Sailboats with Mount Rainier in the distance


Getting Around in Seattle

Getting from the airport to downtown Seattle take a taxi, shuttle, or the light rail train, called Light Link Rail, it only costs a few bucks and takes 40 minutes or so.

Another option is buying the ORCA (one regional card for all) day pass for $8 and get unlimited rides on all public transportation in the Puget Sound region. Use it for bus, Light Link Rail, Seattle street cars, and King County water taxi service.

Download the Transit Go app and buy your ticket online in advance.

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Street musician in downtown Seattle playing a cello

Street musician in downtown Seattle playing a cello


What to do in Seattle

Here’s a list of over 15 things to do in Seattle. Would I do them all in one day? Nope.

But you need some flexibility because if the weather is crappy then you want more indoor things versus when the weather is beautiful and you want to spend more time outdoors.

This list will help you plan out a day in Seattle in the downtown area.


Public Market Center sign for Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Public Market Center is the sign for Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle


Pike Place Market

The market is a great place to start in Seattle. Get you coffee fix then do some wandering and shopping at Pike Place.

I’m not into Starbucks but if you are, or you want to visit the original Starbucks it’s at Pike Place.


Fruits and vegetables on display at Pike Place Market Seattle.

Pike Place Market features loads of food stalls like this fruit and veggie place


Gum Wall

When I see pictures of the gum wall in Seattle I think ewwww! But if you want to see a giant wall of chewed up chewing gum in an array of colors go see the gum wall at Pike Market.

It’s definitely something out of the ordinary!


Olympic Sculpture Garden

Operated by the Seattle Art Museum the Olympic Sculpture Garden is a great place for a walk by the waterfront and some cool sculptures.

You can also continue further to Myrtle Edwards Park and Centennial Park if you’re into jogging or long walks.


Water Fountains and sculptures at Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle.

Olympic Sculpture Park is a beautiful walking art garden by the Seattle Art Museum


Museum of Pop Culture

Founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen back in 2000 (as Experience Music Project) this non-profit features cool and fun stuff from contemporary popular culture.

Memorabilia from movies, music, Sci-Fi, gaming, etc.

Get hours and info on Pop Culture museum.


Glass sculptures in the garden at Dale Chihuly Glass and Garden.

Visit Dale Chihuly Glass and Garden for amazing glass art and beautiful gardens


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Dale Chihuly (from Tacoma Washington) popularized glass art in the United States in the form of blown glass sculptures.

Tickets and hours info here.


Clusters of glass art hangs from the atrium in Chihuly Glass and Garden.

Inside Chihuly Glass and Garden clusters of glass art hangs from the atrium


Space Needle

Completed in 1962 for the World’s Fair, the tower is 605 ft (184 m) tall. A ride up cost $1 in 1962.

It costs a bit more now – get Space Needle ticket info and prices.

The combo Chihuly and Space Needle ticket is a bit cheaper than buying them separate.


View of Seattle from the Space Needle

View of Seattle from the Space Needle


Pacific Science Center

I didn’t get to the Science Center but it’s on my list for next time in Seattle.

There’s a planetarium, IMAX, and a Laser Dome!

More info here. The Pacific Science Center is close to Chihuly and Space Needle.


Large flower sculptures titled Sonic Bloom.

Sonic Bloom flowers in Seattle solar powered sculptures


Sonic Bloom

Located at the Pacific Science Center – Sonic Bloom is one of my all time favorite sculptures in the world.

When you walk around the ginormous flower sculptures there are sounds created from your movement – FUN!

Sonic Bloom by Dan Corson – check it out!


Seattle Space Needle surrounded by Sonic Bloom flowers.

Seattle Space Needle surrounded by Sonic Bloom flowers


Seattle Center

Visit the International Fountain at Seattle Center plus a whole lot of other fun stuff from gardens and museums to shop and theaters, several other fountains, along with dining choices. Seattle Center info.

Located close to Chihuly Garden, Space Needle, MoPop, Sonic Bloom, and Pacific Science Center.


Museum of History and Industry

Let’s say you’re into history and industry – there’s a museum for that in Seattle.

The MOHAI has fun and interactive exhibits for history buffs and curious kids of all ages – info on tickets and hours here.


Lake Union Park

This is where the previously mentioned MOHAI is located so spend some time in the museum then enjoy the outdoors along Lake Union.

And you can also visit another museum – the Center for Wooden Boats – more Lake Union Park info.


Pier 66

Enjoy the waterfront, go on a cruise, or hang out on a restaurant patio for lunch.

Pier 66 is just a couple of blocks from Pike Place Market.


Sailboats docked at Pier 66 at downtown Seattle waterfront

Sailboats docked at Pier 66 at downtown Seattle waterfront


Seattle Great Wheel

Take a ride on the big Seattle Ferris Wheel known as Seattle Great Wheel. Located on the waterfront you will have outstanding views of Seattle.

Get info and directions for Seattle Great Wheel.


Seattle Art Museum

Art is good for your soul – visit the Seattle Art Museum and you’ll feel marvelous.

Check out current exhibit info and other stuff here.


Urban art in downtown Seattle with large squares of purple, blue, red, yellow, lime green, and orange.

Urban art in downtown Seattle – attention grabbing colorful squares


Waterfront Park

Enjoy the Seattle skyline and you guessed it, the waterfront! This park is located at Pier 57 – 59 over by the Seattle Great Wheel.


Seattle Great Wheel viewed from Elliott Bay

Seattle Great Wheel viewed from Elliott Bay


Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Located in the historic Cadillac Hotel building, built shortly after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park brings you back to the euphoria of the gold rush in 1897 to 1898 after gold was discovered on a tributary of the Klondike River in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

Get info on hours and more here.


Map of Seattle Things to Do

All of the above things to do in Seattle Washington are included on the Google Map below.

You may want to plan your day with mostly outdoor activities if the weather is pleasant, or make it a day of museums if the weather sucks.

Start exploring and decide what you want to do in Seattle today!



Take a Seattle Tour

Explore the underbelly of Seattle through an Underground Seattle Tour. I haven’t done one of these yet, kind of creepy somehow, but I guess I’ll try it next visit to Seattle.

Try Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour or Beneath the Streets Tour. For something truly spooky try the ghost tour Spooked in Seattle.

If the underground tour doesn’t float your boat then maybe a food tour is more appealing. Try Savor Seattle Food Tours and let someone else decide where and what you will eat!

Still undecided on a tour? Check out Show Me Seattle for a variety of tours from food and city tours to private tours of Seattle tailored to your interests.

Hope you have FUN in Seattle! And if you are exploring more of the region check out my itinerary for 3 days in Portland Oregon, another cool town in the PNW.

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Best things to do in Seattle in one or two days.


Monday 18th of April 2022

Born & raised in WA, but living in downtown for the past 2 years- it was a little but of a culture shock. I’ve lived all over the state, but usually never too far from Seattle. (I did live in eastern Washington for a year- it’s like a whole different state) So much to explore and experience, all over the state! There are always things to do. I love the water- and nature, but Seattle has my favorite beach in the on the West side- Golden Gardens. It’s very popular though, especially on nice days. Another fun fact- although there are many areas where along the the miles of waterfront, they’ve lined them with fancy homes, beaches and the water are public land. You can usually find them on google maps easily called “street ends” which lead to secluded beaches with breathtaking views. Especially in west Seattle. Green Lake is always fun in the summer- or you can walk or jog around it as well. In the summer the water is comfortable compared to most of its size. Plus you can rent canoes, paddle boats, and stand up paddle boards, I think even giant floats (it’s been awhile so don’t quote me!) Lots of quirky antique and consignment vintage stores around pioneer square & upscale retail at Westlake in the downtown core. Super easy to take the bus or if you are feeling adventurous rent a motorized scooter or bike. It’s fairly easy by just seeing where they are on live map, paying through the app by scanning the barcode. Probably cheaper to ride public transit, but the experience makes it worth a try. I need to stop- I can’t even get started on things to outside Seattle lol.

So glad you got to experience Port Townsend! I used to go there for Christmas with my mom when I was little at a Bed & Breakfast when we could afford it. Have you been to the San Juan’s yet? If not, you must! I had a friend who grew up there, on a little island that you take a (used to be) ferry from Anacortes. If you like Port Townsend, you should definitely make it a trip of it:) Happy Travels!

Susan Moore

Monday 18th of April 2022

Chloe, Thank you for your comment and wonderful suggestions for more things to do in Seattle. I'm looking forward to going back and spending time at Green Lake, and the beaches around West Seattle, thanks for the tips! I visited Whidbey Island but I didn't get to the San Juan Islands yet. Port Townsend is one of my favorite places! I could easily spend a year or two exploring Washington, the PNW is phenomenal! Cheers, Susan


Sunday 17th of April 2022

As a Seattle-born/raised and Washington resident, I am surprised that you did not include the Frye Museum, Volunteer Park, the Conservatory, the Asian Art Museum all for a short bus ride up the hill from your hotel.

Susan Moore

Sunday 17th of April 2022

Charlotte, Thank you for commenting and adding more great suggestions, I will check these out on my next trip to Seattle. I'm overdue for another PNW road trip. I'm looking at the map now, seems these are also walkable sites from downtown Seattle for someone like me that loves walking, but bus ride if the weather is not so pleasant for a long walk. Cheers, Susan

Jo Harmon

Wednesday 24th of April 2019

Love the glass art, but looks like so much to see and do.

Susan Moore

Wednesday 24th of April 2019

Hi Jo! Yes, it's a lot but I included several museums because some people are more into history versus others would enjoy the pop culture museum instead. And if the weather is foggy then no point doing the Space Needle but Chihuly glass is always beautiful no matter the weather. Cheers, Susan