Graffiti and Street Art of Barcelona Spain

I stayed in La Ribera neighborhood in Barcelona which is a wonderful walking neighborhood and I enjoyed wandering around exploring my surroundings and snapping photos of the various graffiti.

I love checking out the outdoor galleries of cities – sometimes the graffiti is political – sometimes playful – sometimes profound. I can’t resist taking photos of the art work in the streets.

Graffiti in Barcelona's Barri Gotic

Barcelona graffiti

Barcelona street art in central historic La Ribera neighborhood - Barcelona Catalonia Spain

Graffiti in La Ribera neighborhood – Barcelona

Street art in historic La Ribera neighborhood in central Barcelona

Barcelona graffiti – La Ribera neighborhood

La Ribera neighborhood - Barcelona Catalonia Spain - el arte es vida

El arte es vida (Art is life) – Barcelona

Barcelona street art in the historic gothic neighborhood

Street art – historic Barri Gotic neighborhood of Barcelona

Barcelona Catalonia Spain - street art

Street art in Barcelona

Graffiti in La Ribera neighborhood - central Barcelona

Graffiti in central Barcelona – La Ribera

Rooster - street art in central Barcelona Barri Gotic neighborhood

Graffiti in Barcelona – rooster

Street art of central Barcelona - outdoor galleries

Graffiti in central Barcelona

Historic central Barcelona - street art

Street art of Barcelona

La Ribera street art of Barcelona Catalonia Spain

Graffiti in La Ribera neighborhood – Barcelona

Street art in central Barcelona - skulls

Barcelona graffiti – skulls

Some people consider graffiti an eyesore and don’t see any value in it. I think graffiti and street art add to the character of a city – people will express themselves whether we give them the okay to use the canvas or not.

What is your opinion of graffiti – art or eyesore?

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