Fresh Coconut at Candidasa – Flashback Friday

Fresh coconut adorned the top of every tropical fruit salad during my two months in Bali Indonesia. Mango, papaya, banana, and coconut palm trees provided abundant fruit at each guesthouse I stayed at in Bali. I became spoiled with the luxury of fresh from the tree fruit salads each morning for breakfast, along with the standard thermos of tea and a bowl of sugar cubes.


Three Japanese tourists and two local Indonesians enjoying fresh cut coconut - Candidasa Bali Indonesia - 1993

Fresh cut coconuts for Japanese tourists and me – Candidasa Bali Indonesia 1993


I met several women from Japan during my stay at Agung Bungalows and I remember sharing in the courtyard buffet upon the grass. One of the staff at the guesthouse kindly offered to climb the palm tree and retrieve for us a few fresh coconuts to make our midday snack.

When I returned to Calgary in the summer of 1993 I missed the fruit salad and tea for breakfast. My attempts to replicate the tropical fruit salad failed. I grated the coconut myself. But nothing compares to straight from the tree fresh fruit. Organically grown. On the tropical island of Bali.

Sitting on a beach, being soothed by the sight and sound of the waves rolling in, that’s difficult to replicate in Calgary too.


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