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Cultural Experiences through Art, Food, Music, and Street Art Around the World. Explore Cultures Around the World through Travel Stories and Photos.

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Explore the culture through food and drinks

I enjoy especially enjoy trying out the food and drink when I visit a new region.

While eating a meal I often meet other travelers or get into conversations with the staff at the restaurant or bar. I have become accustomed to dining alone while traveling but if you are nervous about the idea of solo dining I have some solo tips for eating alone.

In my post 15 tips for solo travelers one of my travel tips is to try the street food. Try the food at a busy street food cart and you will have a chance to meet with local people while enjoying a meal. Talk with the food vendors about the types of food they make and learn more about the culture through the food.

Attend performances and sporting events

Another way to get out and enjoy the culture while visiting a new place is to attend a concert, dance performance, or sporting event. Often times, even on the event date, there are great seats available for a single ticket to an event. I attended a Flamenco concert in Barcelona at the magnificent Palau de la Musica Catalana performing arts venue.

Sometimes there are music concerts at small venues with historical interest. I have attended concerts at both the Santa Anna church in Barcelona and the Hagia Irene in Istanbul. The old churches tend to have outstanding acoustics.

Explore culture by taking a class

Another great way to learn about the local culture is to sign up for a class while you are traveling. Signing up for a dance class or cooking class will provide you with a way to meet other people and learn about the culture.

While visiting Montreal I met another solo traveler who was attending dance classes. She told me she had been afraid to travel alone because she felt it would be awkward to be going out alone in the evenings. By signing up for a dance class she had something to do each evening while visiting Montreal and she spent the day time exploring the city.

Explore the culture while walking

Walking around a city is my favorite way to explore on my own. I love it when I come across some outstanding street art or public art simply by chance. Montreal and Rio de Janeiro have some excellent street art. Even in smaller places, like Lloret de Mar on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, I found an abundance of public art during my morning walks around town.

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