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Ahhh listening to the waves roll up to the sandy beach next to my room. Fond memories of my beach side room at the Agung Guesthouse in Candidasa Bali Indonesia, one of thousands of islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. I visited only 7 of the islands: Java, Bali, Lombok, Gili Air, Sumbawa, and Flores. It is difficult to choose a favorite, my top 3 were Bali, Gili Air, and Flores. I lived on Bali for a total of 2 months and it was the island that ignited my inspiration to take my first solo trip.


Sitting by the beach, listening to the waves roll in - serene tropical beach town Candidasa in 1993, on the island of Bali Indonesia

My seaside room in Candidasa Bali Indonesia – 1993


Candidasa was my home for the last 2 weeks of my 7-month solo journey around Southeast Asia in 1993. I stayed at Agung Bungalows on my previous visit to Candidasa and opted to pay a few extra rupiah to get the beach side room on my first visit. But on my second visit I choose a regular room, facing the fruit orchard courtyard.

After a few months of solo travel beaches became commonplace. The thing that makes any place special to me is not so much the location, but the people I meet.

“Action shot!” I called out to each of the staff members as I clicked a photo for a memento of my visit, while they laughed and struck a pose for the camera. They were part of my travel family. I smile every time I look at these photos. I stay in touch with Polly, one of my neighbors at Agung Bungalows. who visits Candidasa often to escape winter in Adelaide Australia. Polly visited with her daughter in 1993, we enjoyed hours of chatting by the beach.

I loved my beach side room in Candidasa Bali Indonesia but the best memories are of the people who I met there.

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Susan Moore's first solo travel experience was traveling around SE Asia for 7 months in 1993. It was life changing and extraordinary. Currently Susan is living a nomadic life, working and roadtripping around the USA and Canada. Read all about Susan » You can reach Susan Moore at Facebook or Twitter or Instagram

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