Camera Bag for Canon Powershot SX700 Point and Shoot

I bought my Canon SX700 from Amazon just before I left for my solo trip to Barcelona in May but I didn’t find any camera bags specifically made for the SX700 online so I took my search local.

I visited a camera shop nearby and tried the SX700 in each of the camera bags designed for point and shoot cameras. I wanted a small camera bag – just big enough for the camera – and a shoulder strap. The spare battery could fit in my pocket or handbag and that’s all I need as far as accessories go so I didn’t need a bunch of extra pockets and compartments on my camera bag.

Several of the camera bags I tried were just slightly too small for the SX700. I found one that was a decent fit but it lacked a shoulder strap – I could have purchased the shoulder strap separately but I kept looking.

Camera case with detachable shoulder strap and zippered pouch for spare batter or SD cards - great bag for Canon SX700 camera

Tamrac camera bag – ballistic nylon – foam padded – perfect fit for Canon Powershot SX700 30x zoom

I found the Tamrac Digital Photo Bag – model #5691

The price was $24.99 and the Canon Powershot SX700 fits perfectly in the Tamrac model 5691 camera bag.

Info from the packaging on the Tamrac Digital 1:

  • Dual Foam Technology provides protection and a custom fit to slim digital cameras
  • Front Universal Memory and Battery Pockets for memory card and batteries
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
  • Compatible with Tamrac’s Strap Accessory System
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Constructed of Ballistic Nylon

The camera bag is made in China by Tamrac, Inc.

I was pleased that I only had to visit one store to find my camera bag for my new camera. I brought it on my trip to Barcelona and I really liked it. The case is not too bulky – I could fit it inside my small handbag easily and still had room for my sunglasses case. I also packed a one-quart zip-lock bag in my handbag to act as my emergency waterproof bag. I used it when I was hiking around Sant Jeroni at Montserrat and I could easily fit my SX700 (while in the camera bag) along with my Blackberry in the zip-lock bag.

Turns out I didn’t utilize the strap as much as I thought I would but I will likely use it more on other trips where I don’t bring a handbag around with me everywhere I go.

Canon Powershot SX700 HS fits the Tamrac camera bag - great travel combo

Canon Powershot SX700 HS and Tamrac camera bag

I am happy with the Tamrac camera bag due to the near perfect fit for the Canon SX700 and I like the foam padding and I did use the little zippered compartment to store my spare battery and my backup memory card. I also like the fact that the shoulder strap is removable. There is also a small tab affixed with a snap at one end on the back of the camera bag so that it can be fastened to a belt-loop, backpack, etc.

Just out of curiosity I searched Amazon again to see if there are any camera bags specifically for the SX700 and I saw plenty of camera bags listed now that the SX700 has been out for a few months. Some of the camera bags are actually cheaper than the one I purchased but my Tamrac model 5691 camera bag seems a quality brand and I’ve already travel tested it so I am pleased with the purchase.

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