Camera Bag for Canon Powershot SX700 Point and Shoot

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I bought my Canon SX700 from Amazon just before I left for my solo trip to Barcelona in May but I didn’t find any camera bags specifically made for the SX700 online so I took my search local.

It’s important to have a good camera bag to protect your investment in camera equipment. If you are like me and prone to dropping things (yes cameras, even my expensive Sony A-6000) then you do need to invest in the best camera bag for your type of camera. It’s best if you can try out the sizing of the camera bag with your camera before buying. But that isn’t always possible. When searching online make sure you can return any camera accessories that do not work out. Or make sure you do have a camera bag designed for your specific camera gear.

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I visited a camera shop nearby and tried the SX700 in each of the camera bags designed for point and shoot cameras. I wanted a small camera bag – just big enough for the camera – and a shoulder strap. The spare battery could fit in my pocket or handbag and that’s all I need as far as accessories go so I didn’t need a bunch of extra pockets and compartments on my camera bag.

Several of the camera bags I tried were just slightly too small for the SX700. I found one that was a decent fit but it lacked a shoulder strap – I could have purchased the shoulder strap separately but I kept looking.


Camera case with detachable shoulder strap and zippered pouch for spare batter or SD cards - great bag for Canon SX700 camera

Tamrac camera bag – ballistic nylon – foam padded – perfect fit for Canon Powershot SX700 30x zoom


Tamrac Digital Photo Bag – model #5691

The price was $24.99 and the Canon Powershot SX700 fits perfectly in the Tamrac model 5691 camera bag.

Info from the packaging on the Tamrac Digital 1:

  • Dual Foam Technology provides protection and a custom fit to slim digital cameras
  • Front Universal Memory and Battery Pockets for memory card and batteries
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
  • Compatible with Tamrac’s Strap Accessory System
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Constructed of Ballistic Nylon

The camera bag is made in China by Tamrac, Inc.

I was pleased that I only had to visit one store to find my camera bag for my new camera. I brought it on my trip to Barcelona and I really liked it. The case is not too bulky – I could fit it inside my small handbag easily and still had room for my sunglasses case. I also packed a one-quart zip-lock bag in my handbag to act as my emergency waterproof bag. I used it when I was hiking around Sant Jeroni at Montserrat and I could easily fit my SX700 (while in the camera bag) along with my Blackberry in the zip-lock bag.

Turns out I didn’t utilize the strap as much as I thought I would but I will likely use it more on other trips where I don’t bring a handbag around with me everywhere I go.


Canon Powershot SX700 HS fits the Tamrac camera bag - great travel combo

Canon Powershot SX700 HS and Tamrac camera bag


I am happy with the Tamrac camera bag due to the near perfect fit for the Canon SX700 and I like the foam padding and I did use the little zippered compartment to store my spare battery and my backup memory card. I also like the fact that the shoulder strap is removable. There is also a small tab affixed with a snap at one end on the back of the camera bag so that it can be fastened to a belt-loop, backpack, etc.

Just out of curiosity I searched Amazon again to see if there are any camera bags specifically for the SX700 and I saw plenty of camera bags listed now that the SX700 has been out for a few months. Some of the camera bags are actually cheaper than the one I purchased but my Tamrac model 5691 camera bag seems a quality brand and I’ve already travel tested it so I am pleased with the purchase.

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