11 Years Without Watching TV and I Do Not Miss it!

I remember well the summer I quit watching TV. In May 2003 I was introduced to the world of glass fusing – also known as kiln formed glass. I took an introductory class at the now defunct Art Glass Fusing Center in Austin. I was enthralled with learning everything I could about kiln formed glass. I found an online community at WarmGlass.com and I still stay in touch via Facebook with many of the former contributors to that forum.

Glass pendant and earrings - Susan Moore Kiln Fired Art Glass - glass fused in kiln at 1500 degrees F

Pendant and earrings – Susan Moore Kiln Fired Art Glass

In July 2003 I purchased my first kiln – now known as Lil’ Bubba – officially an Evenheat 120 V – 12 amp – 1440 watts – with infinite switch controller and maximum temperature of around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lil’ Bubba resided on the fireplace hearth in my apartment living room.

The living room floor served as my studio space and I began experimenting with kiln formed glass. This is precisely when I stopped watching TV entirely. I spent every spare waking moment reading, researching, and running experiments with glass fusing. I enjoyed my new-found obsession and had no time for frivolous things like TV watching.

I called the cable company and canceled my cable account. I haven’t looked back since – I did keep my old TV to watch movies but I could do that on my laptop now.

My recommendation to anyone who wants to focus on success and improving their life – give up TV. You will save money from the cable bill and you will gain valuable time to spend on more important things. Spend your time improving your lifestyle rather than watching TV shows about other people’s lifestyles.

If you are wondering where my glass fusing obsession took me – I continued making jewelry until 2010. I was selling my jewelry wholesale to galleries across the USA and keeping family members and friends well stocked with fused glass jewelry.

I Spy pendants - Kiln formed glass handmade by Susan Moore Kiln Fired Art Glass in Austin, TX USA - photo by Hap Sakwa

I Spy pendants – Susan Moore Kiln Fired Art Glass – photo credit Hap Sakwa Photography

In September 2008 the economic downturn had a disastrous effect on my jewelry business. I was having my best year ever. I wasn’t earning a living selling my jewelry – I was still daytrading for a living at that time. My list of clients was growing and the final 3 months of the year usually brought in 50% of my sales for the year.

By the end of September 2008 all orders ceased. None of the galleries were buying because very few people were shopping for discretionary items like fused glass jewelry.

I started my bookkeeping business in January 2008 – my stint as a daytrader ended in 2007 when I stopped making money and decided I really did want some form of income in my life. I focused on building my bookkeeping business as it was a far more viable means of earning my income than jewelry making. My bookkeeping income dropped in half for the final quarter of 2008 but I was confident that I would be successful so I used my time to focus on increasing my skills.

I love numbers. I love organizing. I love analyzing. Bookkeeping is all numbers, organizing, and analyzing – what could be better than that! I thought about how many people need a bookkeeper – pretty much every business. And I thought about how many people enjoy bookkeeping – pretty much nobody.

I started my bookkeeping business with a wealth of experience. I had worked in many accounting departments over the years and I often worked for temp agencies. This time I decided to be the temp agency to small businesses in Austin. Instead of being paid one-third of what the temp agency charged the client I would keep the whole fee.

I still have Lil’ Bubba and Marge – she’s blue and reminded of Marge Simpson’s blue hair – not that I was watching Marge on TV anymore! I sold Big Bubba (my larger kiln) last year and plan to sell off the rest of my fusing supplies soon. My obsession with kiln formed glass has been replaced with my obsession for this travel blog.

I’m eliminating all of the things around my home that I no longer use or have a need for. I am seriously considering going location independent. I certainly won’t need a TV for that so hopefully somebody wants a lightly used 12-year-old 70 lb TV.


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Susan Moore's first solo travel experience was traveling around SE Asia for 7 months in 1993. It was life changing and extraordinary. Currently Susan is living a nomadic life, working and roadtripping around the USA and Canada. You can reach Susan Moore at Facebook or Twitter

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